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My first ever modern sxmartphone. Oh, I loved it... Usedcit with MIUI.

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    • Far
    • 7x3
    • 05 Feb 2022

    Vinod, 30 Mar 2021I had the HTC HD2 for two years. Had bought it at launch. H... moreI just bought one from eBay. Open box for $25!

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      • Vinod
      • YQR
      • 30 Mar 2021

      I had the HTC HD2 for two years. Had bought it at launch. Had searched the net to buy it again, but couldn't find. Could someone please guide..

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        • dexuphot
        • fuf
        • 27 Oct 2020

        my htc windows mobile 6.5 professional phone is set runing in chinese, how do i change it to display in engliah?

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          • Travis999
          • 39y
          • 04 Sep 2020

          So you could buy an HD2 for a €140 could you !!!
          More like €600+.i think my first cost me £670 in the UK..

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            • Anonymous
            • uIh
            • 24 Jul 2020

            Most legendary phone ever my first android buddy

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              • hd2 fan
              • niM
              • 09 May 2020

              Going to xda and seeing an android 8 port. This device is a legend.

                the legend. I lost this phone :(

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                  • linda
                  • nR8
                  • 01 Dec 2019

                  i have that htc hd2 but cant get sim in when i do its says no sim

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                    • Dharmaraj Rathod
                    • rKV
                    • 20 Sep 2019

                    This legendary phone died in 2018 after 9 years of heavy use, multiple OS installations, several soft bricks, numerous stock of batteries from China over the years, and a hell lot of nostalgia on XDA devs. I was lucky enough to pick up another brand new in 2019 for 2500rs ($35), guess i will still use the new one for next 10 years. This time pure stock WM6.5 Professional with HTC Sense. Ofcourse i use bigger android phone for daily use and productivity, but i always pickup calls on HD2, what a compact size and build quality. I wish HTC could make a "Quietly Brilliant" comeback someday!

                      HTC's most legendary phone.

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                        • Ammar212
                        • gIy
                        • 20 May 2019

                        One of the best phone I have ever owned over the years, windows 6.5 and android in same time dual boot

                        wide angle screen that time, heavy duty

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                          • AnonD-819322
                          • 3aW
                          • 01 Jan 2019

                          65.2% Screen-to-body ratio in 2009, impressive.

                            bigmoe87, 22 Aug 2018not yet, but im sure they will get the lite version like yo... moreThat is good enough I suppose. I just can't wait for that to happen!!

                              TTS, 21 Aug 2017I loved this phone. I managed to wipe it and install androi... moreover the years i had 12 HD2 phones, just to play with the software, installed windows phone 7, almost all versions of android from 2013 and back, Meego, linux it self, and finally broke one of them after installing windows 95, it actually ran it, but got bricked while trying to installed USB drivers !! this phone is LEGENDARY

                                Macbeth, 06 Mar 2018Is it possible to mod this phone to run Android Oreo?not yet, but im sure they will get the lite version like you get on nokia 1

                                  travis999, 06 Aug 2018Still the best phone yet... no doubt about that

                                    Still the best phone yet...

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                                      • marko
                                      • 7Xp
                                      • 06 May 2018

                                      I bought my HTC HD2 T8585 way back in 2009 the first time it was introduce, it is windows mobile 6.5 professional platform and working great until recently I was tempted to upgrade it to android, my biggest mistake. I just realized that it better to keep it as it is. Now I was able to recover my previous platform but with artemis. Working okay but still prefer the stock ROM version. imagine after 9 years its still working good. Hope HTC will upload the original ROM. Compare to my new mobile phone the only drawback is the screen size, other that that thumb up for me..