HTC makes a profit in 2018

Ro, 16 March 2019

HTC posted its financial results for Q4 2018 and the annual 2018. Surprisingly, the company did pretty well considering its current situation. It made a small profit in the Q4, which carried over to the overall profit increase in 2018 as a whole.

HTC reported $143 million gross profit after tax for the last quarter of last year and about $389 for the whole year. That's a significant increase over 2017 and interestingly enough, Q4 of 2018 was actually the fourth consecutive quarter with rising revenue since Q4 2017.

It seems that the re-structuring and re-organizing has done a great deal the last two years and HTC might stay afloat for another year.



Reader comments

Bezelless and front facing speaker? Together? You clearly are a bandwagon jumper. Aren't you?

Exactly. You can make an amazing phone, but if the public doesn't know about it, it ain't gonna sell

Yeah, but their not marketed nor really in the stores

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