HTC makes a profit in 2018

16 March 2019
Stays afloat for another year.

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Anonymous, 17 Mar 2019Finally. They should juat play the smartphone game a littl... moreBezelless and front facing speaker? Together? You clearly are a bandwagon jumper. Aren't you?

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2019Quite simply, lack of distribution channels played a huge p... moreExactly. You can make an amazing phone, but if the public doesn't know about it, it ain't gonna sell

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2019HTC USA shows option to buy through carriers. And probabl... moreYeah, but their not marketed nor really in the stores

Kriegsherr, 17 Mar 2019I think you are partially right but there is still a little... moreExactly. Go back to what worked, modernize it a little bit, sell through carriers at a price tag competitive with say OnePlus, and profit. They could present a good alternative to OnePlus with stereo speakers and expandable memory, not to mention actually useful and amazing cameras

  • Anonymous

That's good to hear. They always made very good phones.

  • Anonymous

They should juat play the smartphone game a little harder.
Finally go full bezeless, go back to front facing speakers, keep the pressure sensitive buttons (before Oppo makes them popular) as a statement, bring back the 3.5mm jack for the h8rs (because for them LDAC clearly isn't good enough. I really wanna see at least one of the people complaining about the lack of a 3.5mm jack listening to more than .mp3 files), use higher pixel counts (12MP is a thing of the past. I don't even know why it was ever brought back), and finally add a killer feature.

xeroga, 17 Mar 2019IMO, I think it will be very hard for HTC to retrieve its p... moreI think you are partially right but there is still a little chance for them to regain market share. I think the people on the hTC board and the designers never learn from mistakes. Their phones lack in several aspects; removal of the headphone jack, lower battery capacity compared to competition, worthless feature like squeeze actions etc.etc. I wont mind having a mm or two thicker phone with great battery life. they never learn and the launching price is always high regardless the features. if they dont change their approach to the market they will go down again.

  • Anonymous

Good news. I hope they make it. The more competition the better. But they need to provide better updates and better products.

  • a simple man

I highly doubt that they made a any profit. They are probably getting ready to sell the company and they needed to "cook the books " to make HTC look better than they actually are.

  • Anonymous

Because U12 Life brought back the jack :D

  • Alien

Stondec100, 16 Mar 2019The company still exists? I thought Google bought and incin... moreYeah, just like project Ara.
If Fuggle buys anything, most of the time they buy it to destroy it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2019HTC USA shows option to buy through carriers. And probabl... moreSame in European countries and what is shocking is the price they have got for flagship models compared to others, is really low price (what is good) - they are not very popular anymore, everybody wants to own a Apple, Samsung or a Huawei... and HTC started most of it for smartphones, I recall the time I called my smartphone a PDA.

IMO, I think it will be very hard for HTC to retrieve its past glory in smartphone market. The market is different to what it had been a few years ago, when HTC phones are more popular. Investing in other fields seems to be only future for HTC.

  • Anonymous

Htc phones are greaaat .. i have sammy note 8 but HTC and Sony .. i miss them ..

Whackcar, 16 Mar 2019There was a time when HTC & Samsung were deemed equival... moreEspecially when u consider the fact that their cameras are on par with other high-end flagships like the ones from SAMSUNG. The only downside they have is probably the brightness, which can be annoying to people at times

what country they supply? taiwan only?

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2019You do realize that their USB c headphones are some of the ... moreUh, wrong guy, guy

Alright HTC will be back soon with Blackberry in the backseat. ;)

  • Boid

All they need to do is follow what apple and samsung has done, make 3 phones, a budget one with probably a snapdragon 710 or better, a normal one and a pro one, with good cameras with good features. Expand on their audio and advertise it and have good battery life on their phones and their phones will sell, oh and also bring the 3.5mm jack back. They can make a comeback but they carry on doing dumb stuff.

  • Anonymous

Walter C. Dornez, 16 Mar 2019And carrier deals. They need to sell through carriers. It w... moreHTC USA shows option to buy through carriers.
And probably they work with carriers in Taiwan .