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  • Ati

After about 5 years of use the tablet started dying. Occasionally it freezes completely and since it's not possible to remove the battery, we have to wait for it to completely run out of charge.
Also, every couple of months the system dies and won't boot. The only solution is to do a hard reset and reinstall everything. I'm getting tired of it to be honest. Today there seem to be a boot loop issue, so I'm not sure if we will be able to revive the device once more.

I am so disappointed.
I bought this device in Argos in Dublin and have enjoyed using it on a daily basis.
Now I find that the battery will soon need to be replaced and I cannot find a replacement anywhere.
Can anyone help please?

  • re no

i actually enjoyed his device with android 7.1.1 installed .. got it for 50 euro used and good condition, and i use it without a case cause its cheap now..
this makes it a small and light weight tablet to hold in your hands, and liked it better than an ipad 2018 with a case to hold ..
the nexus 9 weight feels more on the phablet side and thats cool i think .. also without the clumsy case it looks quite elegant this thingy .
performance is quite ok , and yes sometimes it crashes .. but its more due to the apps than the tablet i think .. the music app i used worked like a charm :)

  • Hi

Hi, 22 Mar 2018I forgot to mention this: Most of problem of lags in thi... moreI found some solutions to performance become better:

1. disable Google play services, chrome, play store and most Google stuff except keyboard (that is really good I couldn't find better keyboard so I deal with its performance) (you can disable personalised suggestions on it so performance won't degrade after some time)

2. don't make screen brightness lower than 50-60 percent because screen will flash in future.

3. disable device disk encryption (you should flash android 6 stock img with "nexus root toolkit" and also choose the kernel img in it that don't have device disk encryption enabled)

4. because you disabled Google stuff you should use Firefox, ever note, and ... instead of Google crap.
(Firefox become usable thanks to Mozilla improvements on post quantom versions.)
(use fennec f-droid because it has lower bloat than original Firefox and also use its armv7 version, not armv8 version because the former have better performance)

5. use noozixoide labs apps for better audio quality (I use their "rewire E" app with "warm" chooses in its settings.)

6. use greenify and put all your apps that won't need to always run in it and also create "hibernate and lock" shortcut in your home screen so you easily force close bad apps that make performance bad.

7. use nova launcher as you disabled Google stuff.

8. disable YouTube and use its web version because it also is bad for device overall performance and also you can't login with it because you disabled play services.

9. disable lock screen completely as it sometimes have lags and won't let you use the device.

I hope this helps most of you :)
in the end please hope good wishes for me as I spend very much hours of my best times to find these solutions :)

I still own this tablet and even though it runs on Nougat, it still runs really well. I used it mainly for college for 2 years to help with studies but now I just use it for YT and searching things that I may want. Also, I use it to pay off stuff at work using NFC which I think is cool to have in a tablet, it seems daft when you go somewhere to pay for something but there isn't anything wrong with that. The 6,700 mah battery is good as it gets me 1.5 days use but if it had something bigger, it would be better. Who ever has this tablet still. Please keep it. I had Nexus 7 (2013) and there is not much difference in performance. Also I had Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 LTE 8.0 and that had a 4000 mah battery but that was GARBAGE

Hi. The 7.9"- 8.9" tablet sizes have a soft spot in my heart. Shame Android tablets are almost extinct now. But I would like to ask:
1. Have all the supposed bugs and issues (boot loop. Bluetooth, etc.) been fixed via software updates?
2. Are the speakers as good if not better than an iPad Mini 4?
3. And what is the latest Android software version for the Nexus 9?
4. Stupid question: Do you think it is still a good idea to own the Nexus 9 this 2018?

  • The Therapist

It goes on and on and on. What a small machine! I doubt Ill ever get anything as good, reliabe, quick, smooth or powerful without spending a packet. So sad you're now being decommissioned.

Android 7.1.1 is [soon-to-be] out of date.

  • Aidzis

After 4 years its still kickin,besides Nvidia shield,second greatest tab i have been using,Great for gaming,it hits over 100k in antutu with only 2 cpu core's and of course with its powerfull gpu

To any owners of Nexus 9 may i ask:
1. What is the latest/current Android version of the tablet?
2. Would you say the speakers are adequately loud and clear and not sounding muffled (as most reviews say)?
3. I have heard of issues such as poor battery life (standby time, video playback, etc.), issues with bluetooth, wifi and bootloop? Have all these issues been quashed?
4. Is this still worthy Android tablet? or an iPad mini 4 a better choice now with performance, battery life, speakers & all?

  • Hi

Hi, 21 Mar 2018It has good things and bad things with it. 1. Very unstabl... moreI forgot to mention this:

Most of problem of lags in this device is Google play services.

If you don't need sync disable Google play services and store then you can see device become far better however most of us can't because at least we need chrome sync :/

Also if device didn't restart with default os chrome version, I didn't update Google play services

Also default Google play services in marshmallow is far better than updates but my n9 was restart with default chrome and I forced to update to find a better version of chrome.

  • Hi

It has good things and bad things with it.
1. Very unstable.
even some versions of chrome when running several tabs cause device to restart.
Or sometimes device become very lagy without any reason.

2. Good support of heavy games because of powerful GPU.

3. Low RAM, very annoying.
Results, NO multi tasking!!!

4. Low storage space.

5. Rather good screen in compare with other IPSs however sometimes screen flashs/shutters frequently when you set a low brightness in settings.

6. rather good speakers however not very good for music because of low bass but have good quality overall.

7. Break problem in updates.
My device breaked in a ota update and i sideloaded with a guide in xda and bringed back it after 3 mounths of break.
(Thanks that guy for that guide)

8. very very unstable in android 7, i flashed android 6 again because 7 was terrible, the lags was far more than 6.

9. Terrible battery life in android lollipop but it became better in marshmallow however because of power hungry cpu it is not good as other tablets with lower battery.

10. CPU or something else isn't good with full device encryption, so in default stock rom, the lags and ... is very much and also you can't use full storage space of it because device will frequently restart and some of your files will wipe automatically after it. However i used disabled encryption boot img when flashing android 6 and it is better than before. (Thanks that guy for creating that img)

11. Very heat however i getted used to it.

12. Not bad camera (at least better than my low end/middle range phone)

  • Hi

Francis, 19 Sep 2016I loved for less than two years used for everthing, even ha... moreYes, agree
It is very unstable when you insert storage drives with otg.
I suggest never anyone connect a device to it with otg :|

  • Hi

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2017where and how do one insert a sim card?If you bought 32GB LTE version, the sim card slot is in up and left right of tablet.
The sim card plate can ejected with a needle.

  • Anonymous

Bought it in 2014 and still using it. No problems whatsoever. Very stable platform.

  • Null

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2017The Nexus 9 HTC was a great purchase, no third party apps, ... moreIf you don't want terrible battery life don't use Android. Go to XDA-Developers and search Installing Ubuntu Linux on your Nexus 9. I posted a guide to install Ubuntu 16.04 and provided a boot.img and instructions to flash the rootfs on the device. I have found that battery life is much better but you lose the ability to play games, and other things but, hardware acceleration and GPU drivers are all functional with the L4T 21.6 drivers for the TK1 SoC. My next mod will be removing and installing the 4GB memory chip upgrade there is a thread on XDA for that too

  • Anonymous

The Nexus 9 HTC was a great purchase, no third party apps, for about 6 months. Then the battery started to constantly over heat, slow to charge. And best of all HTC customer support which told me to try another factory reset, amd if that didn't work I should purchase another. $500 mistake thanks HTC

  • Old one

Had mine about 20 months not got any grumbles at all very pleased the best one I have had so far I think the battery is a little tired now but can live with that so don't be put off getting one

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 May 2016I don't get how they didn't add a micro SD slot to this. N... moreThis is my exact comment about this product. Thanks for posting. ITs a piece of junk.

  • Kamaran

I have already bought a nexus 9 tablet and I was wondering how long do I need to charge it for the first time?