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  • AnonD-269963

fent, 26 Nov 2014OK so its 2014 soon to be 2015 this is the latest nexus tablet a... moreit is a 64 bit just like on ipad ,so dual core is enough, u wont experience any laggg

  • fent

OK so its 2014 soon to be 2015 this is the latest nexus tablet and yet they decided to use a dual core cpu? I don't get it. It hs no memory card slot so a person will fill it quick and will have to start choosing what files to delete. No HDMI out or mhl for a tablet at this price is a harrowing propersiton.

  • moji

I love it
Best ever

  • NeMo

Great tablet but I wont buy it because of: 16gigs for wify only, 32 gigs max memory and no expantion SD slot. I think it will decrease number of people who consider the tablet as next purchase. even my htc max phablet has 64 gigs (internal+sd) and it is almost full. Sad

  • pro kilza

i was going to buy one till i seen it only has 32gb storage wich is kinda of a joke, even more so with no sd card slot so i would fill this tablet up in an hour with just part of my music collection let alone hd tv and moves at 1080p, not that future proof but still an amazing tablet compared to many outer ones out there you might want to check out the specs of the nvidia shied if you haven't already,

  • Anonymous

Best amonth

  • That One Guy

Is there a 32GB Wi-Fi version of the Nexus 9?

  • satyanarayan morya

HTC Nexus 9 I like it . I love this is HTC Nexus 9

  • bEks

Nokia, 20 Nov 2014Nokia N1 is better than HTC Nexus 9 always in all moreDid you do head-to-head comparison or, just you're talking what you see on your browser?

  • Nokia

Nokia N1 is better than HTC Nexus 9 always in all,specs,design,price tag.

  • motss56483

AnonD-245630, 19 Nov 2014Sadly it doesn't supports expandable storage (Micro SD cards).Just bear with using USB OTG, connect it to external storages.

  • AnonD-323765

K1 Denver is 64-bit 2-core. K1 in the Shield is 32-bit 4-core. It's a few months older but not in any way worse, even better in some areas. Don't get these two mixed up. They have almost nothing in common except the K1 name.

  • AnonD-245630

sapnade , 18 Nov 2014You made a mistake in reporting the CPU !!! It has four cores, n... moreIt has only 2 cores but it's processor is the beast. No lag while you play MORDERN COMBAT 5.

  • AnonD-245630

Sadly it doesn't supports expandable storage (Micro SD cards).

  • AnonD-332810

nba 2k15 its not supported in nexus 9..... for adrino only....and others hd games.... samsung is the best for me... im sorry to other...

  • AnonD-332731

There are 2 cores, not 5 lights.
2 cores used the right way trumps the bulk of the average 4 core devices any day.
This device is very noticeably faster than anything else out there.
If you don't believe me, fire up google earth on it and your fastest device and compare.
I wish it had the pogo charging from the nexus 10.
But then again, it doesn't consume battery as quickly as the nexus 10.
As of yet no custom recovery, so no custom ROMS.
64bit has made this process more of a new learning curve.
But I'm sure it won't be long.

  • AnonD-305481

4 Cores
And not 2
The only thing making it not perfect is the RAM

  • AnonD-332581

No quad core, HTC spec page says "64-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 Dual Denver @ 2.3GHz"...

http:// www . htc . com /us/tablets/nexus-9/

  • AnonD-332522

It has two cores ..

  • sapnade

You made a mistake in reporting the CPU !!! It has four cores, not two. Fix it please !!!