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  • amir2100
  • 83K
  • 14 Nov 2023

Best design of all time.

    Great phone, lacks a lot of support but still use to this day

      The design is timeless. Will got this phone version, insya Allah.

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        • kalya
        • P$6
        • 09 Aug 2023

        supafly99, 19 Jul 2023still have one Working as my Alarm Clock or flashlight on m... moreDoes it otherwise work?

        Mine Developers' edition 2013 succumbed to water damage in 2018.

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          • Anonymous
          • TIG
          • 23 Jul 2023

          Man... this was THE flagship phone. I still have some hope that HTC will one day release a goddamn banger of a phone, hopefully in the near future.

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            • supafly99
            • pVE
            • 19 Jul 2023

            still have one Working as my Alarm Clock or flashlight on my bedside table.

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              • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
              • n{h
              • 16 May 2023

              I love this phone

                I remember seeing guys using this phone back when I was in school its crazy how far htc has fallen since

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                  • Anonymous
                  • yMa
                  • 26 Dec 2022

                  I got this phone in 2022 when my main phone was broken and used it for a few months

                  Its a very old phone but i loved the speakers and the size of the phone and is just barely getting by with daily use as the app support is very little on the stock 5.0.2 sense 5, its kind of laggy but still worked. My main complaint is that the battery is horrible even when i already replaced it, lasts like half a day of light usage and it unfortunately has no 4G and 64 Bit support. The camera is amazing for its time and holds up just fine for taking photos but the hdr is massively overexposed. I remember when i saw the camera at the time of its release it was very good at low light and still is decent now.

                  For custom roms experience i tried android 7 10 11 but the phone just doesnt handle it as in android 7 it will reboot once everyday and android 10/11 even more and other bugs. So i just stayed with android 5

                  Overall i missed this phone's stereo speakers and the size but in 2022 its unusable as there is no more 3g towers nowadays and its too slow with bad battery.

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                    • Dan dorg
                    • Lij
                    • 21 Aug 2022

                    I have htc telephone. My name is Dorgan alina. The colour is black .

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                      • Squeezy
                      • MdM
                      • 27 Jun 2022

                      My Nokia OnePlus just bit the dust from the usb-c defect and so I dug out the phone it replaced, my HTC One M7. Man, the HTC One M7 is such a good phone. I stopped using it in 2018 after 5 years of service and the only reason I replaced it was due to the battery losing capacity. It's the perfect size, the dual front-facing speakers are really nice, and the camera is leagues ahead of the Nokia OnePlus. I wish I could use this thing forever.

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                        • mmctec
                        • k72
                        • 02 Apr 2022

                        The HTC One M8 is one of the most stunningly beautiful phones ever made, chiefly because of the aluminum body, top and bottom speaker "grills" and its rounded back, making it really comfortable to hold. I loved this phone and used it until voLTE forced me to move on. But I kept it and use it to listen to my music in my car since I had expanded the memory for my music library. Can't even tell you how many times I dropped the phone (on stairs, on concrete, on bathroom tile) and NOTHING happened to either the body or the screen. Not one scratch. Can't say that for many phones today. Try dropping an LG smartphone, Model LM G8 ThinQ G820, and see what happens.

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                          • Mostafa
                          • xve
                          • 01 Apr 2022

                          One of the best phones ever what a legand
                          The one phone That brought me to tech
                          I will have one some day ❤️

                            That this phone is still perfectly usable in 2022 is incredible. Most people are replacing phones every 2-3 years. Other phones from this era are almost useless since wireless companies started phasing out 3G, but HTC One (M7) is still chugging along with its LTE bands.

                            No company has ever made another phone with audio that sounds this good. I'll never understand how they get bass out of cell phone speakers.

                            Refurbished models still sell for $50 on AliExpress. I'm not surprised. Small form factor you just don't see any more, amazing sound, and above all it just does all the basics--watch YouTube, attend Zoom meetings, tap to pay with NFC.

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                              • oio
                              • tu2
                              • 16 Feb 2022

                              Zack Habs, 10 Feb 2022nah, HTC One is an incredible phonedawg this phone is so slow in 2022

                                Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021dam bro, just buy a new phone already, this shit too old nownah, HTC One is an incredible phone

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 3s5
                                  • 10 Dec 2021

                                  Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021I'm wondering if this is a software or hardware issue ... moredam bro, just buy a new phone already, this shit too old now

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 0BE
                                    • 24 Nov 2021

                                    Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021I'm wondering if this is a software or hardware issue ... moreTime to change the battery.

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                                      • Djtek
                                      • nI8
                                      • 22 Nov 2021

                                      Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021I'm wondering if this is a software or hardware issue ... moreThe phone battery needs replacing it's an 8 year old battery in there

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • KZ8
                                        • 14 Nov 2021

                                        I'm wondering if this is a software or hardware issue but whenever I charged the phone to 100% it just drops rapidly. By the time it's 50+% the phone just turns off. When I plugged it in, it's 0%. Any advice, thank you in advance :3