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  • irfan farooqi

i like this phone and its specification

  • PureHT

Underwhelming at best. Design is nice but I shall be pre-ordering the xperia Z today!

Bye bye HTC.

  • AnonD-77892


  • shahzad

which gpu is best nividia tegra or this????

  • Wings

Lol, if u watch that much then u should buy a speci-fied computer. clearly htc knows what the market needs---4.7" full hd screen. UNlike overhyped samsung 5".... Blah blah blah. i just hope lg does somethin similar this year, bcos htc devices often costs much than xpected so this M7 isn't an option. But i must give this device a double thumbs up. Stunning!

Ahmet, 19 Feb 2013Although Adreno 320 is a strong GPU, it isn't strong enough... moreI don't care about 32 GB, big enough for me..

But do you reckon adreno 320 isn't strong enough to handle HD screen, or you just trolling??!

  • elioforu

about the memory,its more than enough to have 64 gb u know why?
Ive had a nokia n8 and i used to put all the movies on my flash memory and because of the on the go support it was easy to me to keep my internal memory empty . Got it my friend ?

  • Anonymous

LG Optimus G Pro is better

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7GHz POWERFUL Processor.

  • helen

waiting for full specs!

  • faishu

elioforu, 19 Feb 2013maybe the s4 is better with its cpu and gpu but let us be h... moredude but s4 does not have hardware quality

  • kelateBudu

Nice,my second phone

  • Ahmet

Although Adreno 320 is a strong GPU, it isn't strong enough to handle such a display with 1920x1080 resolution. Another situation is that the external memory support should be much higher then 32GB MicroSD, if we consider that smartphones are used also for watching Full HD movies nowadays. For instance a full hd movie needs minimum 3 or 4GB, that means that you can copy unfortunately not more than 8 or 10 movies. Pantech, on the other hand, has given support up to 2 TB MicroSD. May be there is no such a card in the market now but it is known that memory card producers are going to introduce their 128 GB MicroSD cards very soon and that means that 64GB cards will drop down in price. Therefore this phone should have at least 128 GB MicroSD support.

  • omarubx

my next phone

  • Roomy

Come on htc I love htc

  • elioforu

maybe the s4 is better with its cpu and gpu but let us be honest quad core 1.7 and krait? Man its faster than my laptop

  • shamel

what about the price

  • AnonD-80102

Best phone the looks very sexy.

  • elioforu

i love it,4.7 inch is better and more eazy to handle and 13 mp cam is better than nice plus sd card and everything inside.....waw

Good specs, but not enough to beat example the Galaxy S4. The design is good, and if the battery life is also good then they learned their lesson. :D
Anyway what's going on with their new camera? This is rumored to have 4 cameras.

  • Anonymous

this phone is a beast