HTC One (M8)

HTC One (M8)

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  • The Nigerian

Been reading lots of comments here and I have used it's predecessor (M7) but I have to tell you the truth, nothings proves it's money's worth like the HTC Ones. The M8 is satisfying and definitely nothing is perfect there are a few flaws but no other phone feels this close to perfection.
Have used two M7s when my first cracked and now an M8, I've got to give it to HTC. I try to go for the best and for now, THIS IS THE BEST!

  • AnonD-15152

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2014How does this phone have better Design, Features and Performance... more1. Metal design beats plastic any day
and 2. Touchwiz is known for slowing down overall performance and speed of samsung phones. Sense is much more refined and snappier.
Samsung has good features though

  • AnonD-250742

I've just upgraded from the old HTC one (m7) to the new HTC one (M8) and There both awesome phones, but what an experience with the new (M8) it's the best phone I've ever owned.

It's the best phone on the market, it kicks Samsung, Sony, LG and Apple's "flagship phones" easily in every way, design, performance, camera, software, hardware and camera performance is wild with the new duo camera and the different effect you can do witht the pictures.

Easily 10/10

  • overpriced

isn't it over priced as apple???

  • Anonymous

How does this phone have better Design, Features and Performance than the Galaxy S5? Really, I'm just asking what makes it better.

  • keke

HTC M8 will be crowned the best phone is 2014 just as we did it last year with HTC M7. I'm not working at HTC I just love it's products. HTC for life no matter what

  • ottis

I used to have the S4 was upset the S5 looked exactly the same and to be honest I would never purchase a Samsung ever again.

Just purchased the HTC M8 as I love my designs and music plays a big part in my life and I have to say this.

With all the handsets i've had including the iphone % and the S4 this has to be the best handset by miles.

Takes awesome pictures, the sound is easily the best out there on any handset you only need to read the HTC M8 review and the premium feel, well put any handset against the HTC M8 and the M* has to be the best looking handset out there.

Fully recommended, Think those who try comparing specs with other phones you guys need to realise what your going to use the phone for and will you benefit from those specs.

Hate Samsung now with a passion never ever again with there cheap plastic

  • AnonD-248354

so far so good , although there were a few niggles to begin with , accessing the sd card memory and its location along with the sim card , but aside from that , its top marks so far , looks amazing , I got the silver , very quick and not that heavy as I was expecting , was always a big Samsung fan , was gonna wait for the s5 , but having read several reviews , it seemed to gimmicky , finger print scanner and water proof , like who would bring there phone into the swimmers lol , no the htc m8 wins hands down

  • AnonD-182836


The New HTC one M8' is prizes and awards, but The man is Design samsung and LG's to be thrown in jail.? but otherwise the technique is ok.

  • AnonD-231422

AnonD-116479, 03 Apr 2014Your Galaxy S5 got no innovation. It has just useless health sof... moreonly htc one m8 this year
gs5 is poor plastic and so ugly

  • iphone 5s

AnonD-116479, 03 Apr 2014Your Galaxy S5 got no innovation. It has just useless health sof... moreYour right... the finger print scanner is coppied to iphone 5s

  • AnonD-89527

Totally agreed...I might consider buying samsung when they ditch the Crapwiz

  • AnonD-116479

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2014absolute poor phone. I will refund it today and wait for Samsung GS5.Your Galaxy S5 got no innovation. It has just useless health software, download booster and fingerprint scanner which copied from Iphone 5S. HTC M8 far better than S5.

  • Anonymous

absolute poor phone. I will refund it today and wait for Samsung GS5.

  • AnonD-171488

Htc m8.. a refresh version of blackberry z10 + jolla.. tap to wake and swipe right to on...

Htc did a great job On this....

  • Anonymous

i just looked at M8 in real life. So long... looks like a remote controller... I think I will but Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • rob

sound like a good phone overall but yes if we start talking about all the minute specs a couple flaw will pop up(nothings perfect). but am satisfied coz its a great phone and its not an iphone.

  • emez

Slayer, 02 Apr 2014Fanboyism and ignorance at its worst! Don't flame something you ... moreYou are right,we. All know that m8,z2,s5 they are good & top phones in the world but who ever said that m8 is better than rest is a liar+selfish even the way I'm seeing it z2 stand strong to beat m8

  • Slayer

pr.cock, 02 Apr 2014I dont how some users can compare sense6 with sony garbage ui's!... moreFanboyism and ignorance at its worst! Don't flame something you know nothing about. I am enjoying my Gun Metal M8 but still lust after the Z2, given that I think the Z1 is still an excellent phone. Stop your stupid bashing of other brands. Personally, I think Z2 is the better phone but not much in it and these are the two best looking and well built phones on the planet!

  • Anonymous

Amazing performance device
Amazing camera
Best loud speaker seen in any other phone
Fantastic battert life
All means htc one m8