HTC One (M8)

HTC One (M8)

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  • AnonD-239343

looks like lg g2 aluminum version.. plus the double tap to wake up the phone.... hmmmmm... smell something fishy about this phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-186660, 28 Mar 2014Both are great phones.. In my opinion, if you use your phone ... morePlease tell us what kind of business features or functionalities that the note 3 offer that m8 or one max does not offer? Please tell us

  • Dilanka

HTC is the best phone these days with s5,z2 and many
The camera is amazing ,front camera 5mp are u kidding.....

  • AnonD-186660

AnonD-248535, 28 Mar 2014I'm choosing which would be a better buy, Galaxy note 3 or HTC O... moreBoth are great phones..

In my opinion, if you use your phone more for work/business, then go for Note 3. If you use your phone more for entertainment (Youtube videos, games & songs), then go for M8..

  • AnonD-248535

I'm choosing which would be a better buy, Galaxy note 3 or HTC ONE? Which is cheaper and which is better? This is urgent!!

  • Duy Cao

shut up and take my money

  • Anthony

Acey K, 27 Mar 2014The original HTC One does a better job... It has OIS a 1.7GHz ... moreIf you really want to know what the 2 cameras are about and not just looking for something to complain about. Read the engadget review and look at there samples. You will see that pixel count is not everything.­review/

  • Me

Acey K, 27 Mar 2014The original HTC One does a better job... It has OIS a 1.7GHz ... morewhat is ois?

  • Anonymous

HTC One m8 will be the number One phone in the war of Smartphones.

  • Chilly

Hate the curved corners, why HTC??

  • Acey K

The original HTC One does a better job... It has OIS
a 1.7GHz CPU is great actually. Plus 2 cameras on the back? Seriously?? The M7 is vintage

  • xadi

suggestion, 27 Mar 2014sony xperia z2 is the best
Htc always is the best..
M8 king of 2014..
most solid and beautiful phone since now..
Its a amazing camera specially in night shot.
Best ui
Best speaker and call quality
Best screen
Excellent battery
Best design and fantastic build
Best performance even with less overclock

S5 with cheap and crap plastic no chance front m8..
z2 too with boring design and weak and funny ui can only do play with numbers but in working sony always behind htc and sami even lg..
Maybe g3.

  • AnonD-22556

The war of best smartphone flagships in 2014-
1.Samsung galaxy S5 with snapdragon 801 is a beast. With good camera 16mp phase detection autofocus with isocell sensor and much of cam tweaks..but grossly let down by build quality and form factor and in pricing.
Add to its negativity its releasing a exynos true-octacore 5442 variant in India and other asian countries which all know its a below par cpu and cannot match qualcomm watsoever..

2. Htc one M8 is an exciting phone with same snapdragon chipset 801 with minor difference and adreno 330 gpu with all aluminium unibody build quality.. What's disappointing is again the camera of 4ultra-pixel of wat htc claims its Better than many flagship phones..
But unfortunately its not..its below par quality of photo even with dual camera gimmick its providing though..

3. This is where sony xperia z2 excells where the other two devices fail. It has got the excellent build quality with all elements from glass n aluminium.. And a perfect balance between premium look and design appealing to consumers..
It also excells ahead of htc in camera and in IP 58 certification.... Where you can have your xperia for underwater shots..
Though Htc boasts of beats audio and boom sound speakers.. Sony lives upto it in tge form of true Walkman™ experience in its both hardware n software..
Htc speaker output might be the best at the moment..
Samsung is sub par with these two devices in both audio and speaker sound.. And has gimmicky music player with boring music fx..
Samsung has plenty of sensors which are useful and its fingerprint sensor is one of a kind not to forget its gimmicky heart rate sensor and so on..
What samsung really does a good job is in providing the S-apps(health,note,memo,voice,etc)
Well if u want to choose a device for its gimmicks and inferior build nd design quality with one of the best camera then Galaxy S5 is the one for u..
But if ur looking for a perfect balance between design and look and feel factor and the cell which vl perform better where it really does matter to most of the users then its Sony Xperia Z2... With one of the best Camera Display and an amazing build quality and perfect device on the whole..
If camera and price is not ur area of concern and looking for awesome audio output with the best build quality and public appeal then HTC one M8 is the 'one' u r looking for..

  • AnonD-232936

anyone who already has the phone please review the camera n post about it here?!

  • Anonymous

Dual sim version would be nice

  • Johannes

Camera sux bigtime no htc for me

  • TheBluesOne

[deleted post]While clicking on the URL it will return 404 error, just remove the quotes, or click below­windows-phone-8-1/

  • cham-boy

wow.this is a monster rea
lly phone i nee.big up htc

  • Anonymous

What about FM radio?

  • AnonD-231422

the battery result are so much better than sony z1 white 3000 battery
htc always make great phone
and the test for water and dust in youtube show m8 very good work