HTC One (M8)

HTC One (M8)

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  • Anonymous

Dual Primary camera = 4MP
Single secondary front camera = 5 MP
WOW ! amazing ! (Sarcasm personified)

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2014Not better than HTC One. Same screen, same camera. Who th... morei have samsung galaxy s4 but now i want to change i just ask u that htc one is batter then all thone can i buy this ? i confused . galaxy s5, htc one m8 or m7 or note 3 which is the best ??? please tell me .

  • joy cox

Fantastic sexyyyy phone that ive seen..
Both in with brilliant sense 6 and out with unique aluminum body.
Wisely move by htc..
I want it more than o2 for breath.

  • Anonymous

aaj, 26 Mar 2014they have shot themselves in the foot by giving a 4mp camera!!!!Its Not Megapixel..its Ultra Pixel..6 Times better than MP.

  • james

I post this comment from my all new m8 32gb grey color
I can tell you just one word awesome
Battery can't kill the battery in one day whatever you make on this phone amazing battery life
Camera sooo good and better of my old Gs4
Front camera best camera i ever see
Boomsound louder then any phone
And super super super supeeer fast android phone the first time you can see that much a phone ultra fast woooow
"sry for my english"

  • AnonD-234697

this phone is awesome...battery epic..lasted a whole day for me. .i bought it yesterday....1hr gaming and 1hr music...50-60 camera shots ...sharing photos social networking..wifi continious on...20-25 min video calls....messaging..and a little i will test the extreme power mode...and despite is comfortable to hold in hand bcoz of less broad , rounded z2 is too broad....sense 6 is super like ios...never lag or stutter....and camera is good pretty good..not bad as u think...perfect for sharing and posting.....front cam is great effects are awesome...altogether the best phone for fun

  • zyrus

What is the use of dual camera?

  • oser

u guys just post opinions on the basis of super lack of knowledge. atleast read the full review by gsmarena itself. u dig out questions for criticism, if u really need answers than just better read the review than wasting yourtime. its just a smartphone that is designed to make your life fun. its not gona make you robocop with the high end specs. htc phones runs smoothly than any android fone available out there. better look for the positive notes and dont sway htc's buyers or the one who are willing to buy
it by ur biased comments....

  • AnonD-228725

Same Screen, Same Camera. Do you even know what you are talking about?

  • Anthony

piyal, 27 Mar 2014You've just proved my point by stating that you use it for ... morecan't manage ring tone volume because the speaker is in front? lol
how old is your phone dude?
do you think phones still only have 1 volume control so everything goes up or down when you press the volume keys?
we are in 2014
ringtone, music/video, Alarms,notifications, in-call & bluetooth all have independent volume controls that are adjusted with the onscreen slider after you press the volume keys

  • AnonD-218710

Its a Suicide attempt from Htc, thats why no name change only year. Cam is 4×4 8 MP but to out dated. High pitch volume on cells is lke Chinese blasters finish is lke imitation cartier not only fr looks but something inside too.
HTC must now have an open heart?

  • sameasb4

Same as the One except the M8 has the upgraded CPU and external SD slot. Boring!

  • Anthony

piyal, 27 Mar 2014You've just proved my point by stating that you use it for ... moreALL you are proving is how much you are stuck in the past. where cell phones were just for phone calls and SMS. wake up to 2014 man or stop commenting on smart phones, because clearly you don't need one.

no one use standalone Nav units any more because they have a smart phones. no one walks with a boom box, walk man, disc man or ipod, because they have a smart phone.
netflix on Android alone has over 50,000,000 downloads and its just one movie app.
youtube has over 500,000,000 downloads
waze NAV app (which is just one nav app has over 10,000,000 downloads
skype has over 100,000,000 downloads
all these apps are using the loud speaker which means all the people that download those apps are using the loud speaker. and you want us to believe that the loud speaker would be best on the back of the phone or on the edge to hear clearly.

  • Anonymouuuuus

You guys have a point.. the new HTC One may have a lot oh let downs due to its 4mp camera and now longer body.. but it did improve lot. im pretty sure they didnt put Beats anymore coz they dont need to. This phone is niche, meaning its only for people who actually learns to appreciate this phone. The dual cameras, I mean, have you ever seen another Phone that has dual cameras? Im not a big fan of the M8, but right now, we cant say this phone will be a blunder(atleast, not yet). We'll just see how this phone impacts the market.. Haters gown' hate..

  • AnonD-12986

No barometer, no FM Transmitter, no sale.

  • Martin

aaj, 26 Mar 2014they have shot themselves in the foot by giving a 4mp camera!!!!It's ultrapixel 4MP camera. Search a little bit what that means.

  • Anonymous

The main camera is 4 ump. Despite all that, I've seen the quality on the original One, which is the same as this.
The camera is good for low light but bad for everything else.
Either Samsung or Nokia for camera.

  • AnonD-237581

they remain 4UMP camera because last year M7 stock 4UMP camera yet clear stock. Putting DUAL as marketing to make it unique,, but i don't think it works.

  • AnonD-159082

Main disadvantage about this phone, big space on the bottom, 4mp camera, only 2gb ram, no water proof, no fingerprints, Why the hell they put two cameras if no 3d display like htc evo.

  • piyal

Anthony, 25 Mar 2014You are thinking too narrow. The speaker in front is better... moreYou've just proved my point by stating that you use it for navigation purpose. How many people use their phone for navigation purpose? 1 in a million. And to manage that loudspeaker volume for a normal ringtone is another inconvenience as they are too loud to be called civilised. The number of inconvenience is lot more than the benefits they offer.