HTC One (M8)

HTC One (M8)

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  • AnonD-159082

Main disadvantage about this phone, big space on the bottom, 4mp camera, only 2gb ram, no water proof, no fingerprints, Why the hell they put two cameras if no 3d display like htc evo.

  • piyal

Anthony, 25 Mar 2014You are thinking too narrow. The speaker in front is better for ... moreYou've just proved my point by stating that you use it for navigation purpose. How many people use their phone for navigation purpose? 1 in a million. And to manage that loudspeaker volume for a normal ringtone is another inconvenience as they are too loud to be called civilised. The number of inconvenience is lot more than the benefits they offer.

  • Anonymous

aaj, 26 Mar 2014they have shot themselves in the foot by giving a 4mp camera!!!!It's a 4 ultra pixel not mega pixel

  • Anonymous

Not better than HTC One.
Same screen, same camera. Who the hell needs the dual camera if main's resolution is not better... :(
Just longer phone body cause of freaking misuse of ridicuosly put logo - 1 cm waste.. NO Beats Audio..
I have HTC One, was waiting for smth better, but this one is defenatly is not.

  • aaj

they have shot themselves in the foot by giving a 4mp camera!!!!

  • meh

The only thing i like about this handset is the build quality. The software is full of bloatware and the specs are (while top end) no better than the high end phones from last year.

I ve said always said that my perfect phone would be built by HTC, software (UI) from LG, bloatware from the Nexus range (none) and water/dust resistance from Sonim (NOT SONY).

  • AnonD-248104

Image clarity seems not that bad..i dont need cropping an image on m8 u will be welcome in my home soon ^_^

  • Munna

Some of my friends telling that, if some hardware damaged in HTC, it cannot be replaced is it true ? And some are telling HTC is very hard to repair ?

  • pinu

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2014just bought it two hours ago very powerful and amazing . Alll p... moreI love that htc m8 I want

  • vijay

very high price... nice mobile

  • Danyboy

There is no slow motion 720@120fps recording and 4k video ? High price.. :(

  • Chemicool

slamX, 26 Mar 2014It can't beat the g2, tho its has competitive specs an... moreI am definitely waiting for the g3 too.

  • Anonymous

Is this suppose to be an enhanced model compare to HTC one? But some of the specification is slightly weaker compare to one, based on the details given here when comparing both phones, I don't get it. And the price charge is way much higher. I never try it, I hope it worths to get 1, but not with his current selling price.

  • AnonD-228443

AnonD-232025, 26 Mar 2014Sky high price.Damn straight.

  • AnonD-234697

AnonD-116639, 26 Mar 2014htc using the 2 mp camera for refocus feature in images.....and ... morehey dude...why feeling m8 does what it does best ...the camera everyone knows is not as good as the z2..but have u actually tested both or saw them...i have bought the m8 works is ok for me...maybe not for someone else...but it does shoot good photos and excellent in low , looks and sense 6 doesnt need ddr3 or ddr4...the htc one had ddr2 but stil worked better than z1...ateast it doesnt overheat ....4k is not there agreed...720p slowmo is after the video is taken..and not simultaneous ....but atleast it works hassles .. .i have experienced sony...the z1..i didnt like it..

  • SlamX

Having had used all android smartphones in 2013, mention it from Sony xperia z, z1, s3 & s4..HTC one X, x+HTC one...I finally found myself inthe hands of the least phone I expected to use in my life..The LG (LG G2), I was so scared what I would expect it be when I ordered it online.. When I had my hands on it, I unleashed a monster from the quite jungles of power phones....there's no 2014 phone that will beat the G2 in every aspect, the camera is excellent, the graphics, the "knock on feature" this will definitely give me a problem if intend to use another model coz I will find myself knocking on the screen instead of the old and boring power button way of waking up the phone...finally, if there is a LG G2 user around they will agree with me...I can't dump my G2 for the m8 I will wait for G3 which will change the way we look at phones, that's a downgrade.. Those who think that 4 ultra pixel camera is cool, compare it with other best cameras, u will see the difference..

  • nulla

i ordered 2 pieces

  • AnonD-116639

htc using the 2 mp camera for refocus feature in images.....and that feature is already available in Z2, L 1020....dont know why they used duo camera (gimmicky) ????.
and why there is no slow motion 720@120fps recording and 4k video ???
and 2gb DDR2 ram???? while 4gb DDR4 ram gonna hit devices 2H 2014 ......

  • slamX

a_!, 26 Mar 2014i d rather buy the nexus 5 for a better price i dont see a lo... moreGood thinking g2,nexus 5 same specs for less..can't waste a penny on these so-called 2014 smartphones.

  • slamX

sammie, 26 Mar 2014I've got a Nano-sim that I reserved for the iphone 6, I think I ... moreIt can't beat the g2, tho its has competitive specs and it will remain a power house...the monster g2 runs on 3000mAh....nice graphics, m not changing my phone for these phones.. Am waiting for g3..which will smash HTC one m8, s5 and Z2......