HTC One (M8)

HTC One (M8)

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  • tanvir

My rear camera's are not responding.. built in camera software is just showing selfie mood.. rear mood simply unavaible.. what should i do now pls response quick pls

  • AnonD-277894

I am really glad with my HTC One m8. . The camera is good enough and boom sound is feel good . Really nice thank you

  • len

My HTC worked okay at first until my contract was almost up. My rear facing camera doesn't take clear pictures and it make a buzzing sound when its on. a month later when I turned on the flashlight it made the same noise. I tried calling the company and explaining the problem but I did not get anywhere. Now I keep getting a message that I have to x out before I use any function. It takes me more than five mins to sent a text. It seems like something internal going on with the phone. I will never invest in HTC products again, Just horrible and a waste of money.

  • Carmanen

Phone Guy, 06 Jun 2016did marshmallow come out one the HTC M8 fully yet?Not sure but i guess it has finished. I got mine couple of months ago (international unlocked version).

  • AnonD-525577

please help me
I wnt to update my Rom
Should i download it frm HTC guide with my phone and install it?

  • AnonD-129334

The best device ever...........amazing smartphone !!

  • Klas2k

Great phone !
Incredible resilient..
Only drawback, but is an annoying one, is that the "home" touchbutton is very close to space when writing texts...very often it means (go to home) instead if "i want a space in my text"...sometimes the app didnt save the text either :/

  • Phone Guy

did marshmallow come out one the HTC M8 fully yet?

  • AnonD-267020

Wow , Amazing Phone . Almost Everything is perfect . Never Laggy , hanging . battery backup is fine , the best is Camera Quality . If you can handle all of its feature than you can say it is best among all if you cannot use its camera feature and other than you'll say it's like others . While I updated to marshmallow it took likely 28 minute . Android M has a lots of unique feature it's UI is also good . Heating issue is one of the bad thing as this phone is Aluminum and slippery made you'll feel this device getting hot easily . Overall I love this phone . Buy and update to its latest version .

  • AnonD-540746

AnonD-540650, 04 Jun 2016Is the htc one m8 dual camera fine with the latest marshmallow update?HTC One M8 Rocks with marshmallow update!

  • AnonD-540650

Is the htc one m8 dual camera fine with the latest marshmallow update?


i ty 2 upgrade my m8,bt dey say i shld check my rom. i dnt understand wot dey mean by dat

  • AnonD-525577

I wnt to update my Rom in other to update my solftwear to marshmallow pls should I download any one AT&T SPRING T mobile Developers Bt my phone is none of this???

  • AnonD-544071

Anonymous, 31 May 2016LG G3 is lag flagship phone. You can watch reviews in Youtube.There will no lag on LG G3 Cat 6 (Snapdragon 805) but LG G3 (Snapdragon 801) will lag because of the 2K display.

  • Dilawar

Ritesh , 27 May 2016Hey frnds I have got HTC M8 frm my brother on 23/05/2016... The ... moreUse HTC Manager on Windows to upgrade you M8 to 6.0 and enjoy

  • Danny

I got HTC one m8 phone and it has no radio is that normal? I mean when I read it's spec it says it has a radio please would you help?

  • Anonymous

Feride LG G3, 15 May 2016LG G3 doesn't lag it never did lag! It's much better than your m... moreLG G3 is lag flagship phone. You can watch reviews in Youtube.

  • Htc user

ritesh indian, 30 May 2016Hey bro I have tried that many times yet its not showing anythin... moreU try RUU update.

  • Abusco prettyboiswag

When is android 6.0.1 coming to HTC m8???

  • ritesh indian

Hasan, 29 May 2016Open Settings>About>software update>check nowHey bro I have tried that many times yet its not showing anything.......