HTC One (M8) for Windows (CDMA)

HTC One (M8) for Windows (CDMA)

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  • Waqar Masood
  • 6Ph
  • 29 Nov 2020

ivan, 05 Sep 2015can you upgrade from windows 8.1.1 to windows 10?No, inedible for windows 10 mobile. Sadly, htc isn't giving their phones a chance to get windows 10 mobile. However, you can take a look at the latest lumia 650 with windows 10 mobile if you wish to.

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    • Babu
    • JFA
    • 08 Jan 2016

    Can I upgrade touch hd (blackstone) t8282

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      • ivan
      • fsT
      • 05 Sep 2015

      can you upgrade from windows 8.1.1 to windows 10?

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        • Larry
        • 4@V
        • 14 Mar 2015

        Verizon did a good thing..I upgraded from their iPhone..

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          • Anonymous
          • jBv
          • 21 Nov 2014

          TracfoneWireless, 10 Oct 2014How to remove the battery from the phone?You can't remove the battery it is a mounted 2600 mAh battery

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            • AnonD-319750
            • tVm
            • 15 Oct 2014

            AnonD-13959, 13 Sep 2014thought about dual booting possibilities on this phone just... morehands-on experience / review

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              • TracfoneWireless
              • 9LA
              • 10 Oct 2014

              How to remove the battery from the phone?

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                • Anonymous
                • sa{
                • 28 Sep 2014

                I’ve been using the HTC One M8 with Windows Phone for a while now and, as I expect with HTC products, I’ve found something new and interesting that it can do each week. The UltraPixel camera by itself is great, but combined with HTC’s image processing software there are all kinds of cool tricks it can do with the focus, dimension, angle, and image filters or effects. I didn’t previously take many pictures with my phone, but I find myself taking many more pictures with the One M8.

                It doesn’t hurt that the phone looks really, really good either. I had the previous Android-based HTC One (M7) and that looks good too, but HTC out-did themselves with the One M8. It has an edge-to-edge solid metal body that’s easy to hold and doesn’t look or feel like the cheap plastic that “flagship” phones from other device manufacturers use. It’s also really cool that you can get the HTC One M8 with your choice of Android or Windows Phone and I hope they continue that trend. The device hardware has no downsides and (at purchase time) you can decide which operating system you want to run making it by far one of the most versatile device on the market.

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                  • AnonD-13959
                  • 6cg
                  • 13 Sep 2014

                  thought about dual booting possibilities on this phone just like the legendary htc hd2.xdadev???

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                    • AnonD-12986
                    • kC1
                    • 10 Sep 2014

                    There will be no "m9" the next best android phone will be aria and it wont be out for another 2+ years.

                    The HTC One M8 is the best phone with the best build quality available. Get "i"Phone out of your mind.
                    Apple was innovative when they dropped the first iPhone but now they are just grasping at straws.
                    And for those of you who are hell bent on the fingerprint readers there is software available now that will let you use the first and second camera combined on the back as a fingerprint reader and it works fantastically well and smooth as sild. Much better than the iPhone. Its called ice unlock or ice security unlock or something just look it up.

                    M8 is the king right now especially the gsm version which can easily be changed into the harman kardon eddition with full use of clarify.

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                      • Aadrian
                      • 0wx
                      • 08 Sep 2014

                      This phone's already available on Verizon.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 954
                        • 07 Sep 2014

                        nic look
                        osm fetures

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                          • AnonD-196881
                          • pT7
                          • 06 Sep 2014

                          joy, 27 Aug 2014I think still Nokia better than cos of performance n own co... morehow?please write and explain.M8 Wp have to compare with lumia 930.lumia 930 is one of the best phone in the world and M8 is too. lumia 930 is better just in camera(and is better than other phones camera not just M8) but M8 photography is better in dark places. in other hand we see one M8 is better in sound,design, battery,front camera,sd card support(sd is very very important), also M8 has wifi-direct, infrared and one M8 will capture video recording 1080p in 60f/s and lumia 30f/s.
                          now if you count you will se M8 is better.OS is same and same in both of them.if you are meaning nokia programs yes,nokia has some programs but htc has too(maybe a lower).htc zoe works as many nokia camera programs. at the end I have to tell you the truth:"I like nokia very much but htc one M8 is better than lumia 930" I like nokia and iphone after htc.i worked with most of brands and after that I choose 3brands in 3 OS. in apple it's clear,in android just htc and in Wp htc51% and nokia flagships49%.good luck brother and I apologize for my long comment.

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                            • rob
                            • uP@
                            • 06 Sep 2014

                            a dual sim version would be a sure sale for this premium phone

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                              • joy
                              • PWa
                              • 27 Aug 2014

                              I think still Nokia better than cos of performance n own company .

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                                • AnonD-196881
                                • pT7
                                • 27 Aug 2014

                                ALI.SS, 20 Aug 2014i have HTC 8X. i have to say that don't buy WP phones... sp... moreyou are so wrong and have had awful vision and scandal view.Wp is the best OS,even better and smoother than ios.if Microsoft could increase the software faster WP would be no1 in store and sale. your comment is one of the most laughable and shameful words one person could say.WP have had the best quality in software.for sure you are jealously sensitive.
                                about htc I have to tell you 8X is even faster than lumia 920(with same cpu,gpu,ram)I had lumia 920 but 8X was about 2-3% faster....
                                there are many words to say you and you know all of them but don't accept the end I advise you don't write comment like this again(6-0).

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                                  • aniket 9422903353
                                  • Y}K
                                  • 26 Aug 2014

                                  wow i like features ...but high ....& range is vesy high out of peopls jhk lmb

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                                    • AnonD-221588
                                    • fuZ
                                    • 23 Aug 2014

                                    Flawles victory coming soon. Hopefully the battery will not b ov a dissapointment n tha processor too nt jst figures.

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                                      • AnonD-170479
                                      • KIA
                                      • 23 Aug 2014

                                      ALI.SS, 20 Aug 2014i have HTC 8X. i have to say that don't buy WP phones... sp... moreYou're saying exact opposite of what is reality......

                                      I've used both Android and WP, WP is far superior I just ditched my Moto G for Lumia 630 and I'm so happy with it HTC 8X was having WP8 that was just an entrance..

                                      But the new 8.1 is awesome plus apps just crossed 300,000...

                                      And if some apps are slow so its not the issue of OS its the app problem some apps are converted from Android to WP that are slow just like subway surfer but if you consider apps made for WP they are so fast they don't even load specially the Gameloft games which are made for WP. And don't also check the quality of XBOX games no other platform either iOS or Android is having apps like that...

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                                        • ISIIS
                                        • F%Q
                                        • 22 Aug 2014

                                        Please will it work with HSDPA in Europe?
                                        Or it is Verizon exclusive only?