HTC One A9 review: Rejuvenation


GSMArena team, 28 October, 2015.

Chrome browses the web

HTC One A9 comes with Google Chrome only, which can sync the tabs you have open on other devices (desktops, tablets) with the phone. This feature also syncs your bookmarks and favorite sites and can remember passwords and login data across different platforms.

HTC One A9 HTC One A9
Google Chrome

Other pre-installed apps

The HTC One A9 comes with the entire Google Package pre-installed - Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, Drive, Play Music, Maps, Hangouts, Gmail and Chrome. So your documents needs and online storage, plus navigation and messages are dully covered.

HTC has skinned its calendar to match Sense 7 looks. Adding an event lets you specify time (with a warning if there's a conflict with another event), who will attend and where the meeting will be held. Multiple online calendars are supported.

HTC One A9 HTC One A9 HTC One A9
HTC Sense 7 calendar

HTC Backup can do manual or scheduled backups of your apps, messages (texts and emails), contacts and accounts (mail and social). The data is sent either to Google Drive or Dropbox and you can limit the app to transfer over Wi-Fi only.

HTC One A9
HTC Backup

Voice recorder, alarm clock, weather app, calculator and flashlight apps are available, too.

You can buy an optional DotView case for the One A9 and the phone comes with an app preinstalled. It offers you a choice of numerous themes as well as additional personalization. You can even play Dot-enabled games here.

HTC One A9 HTC One A9
DotView app

Finally, there is the News Republic app, which is a news aggregator with beautiful interface, similar to Flipboard. You choose your interests and sources and it begins choosing news for you.

HTC One A9 HTC One A9 HTC One A9 HTC One A9 HTC One A9
News Republic

Reader comments

  • AnonD-392500

Why buy A9 while 10evo is better than this in every aspect?

  • Mmm

Htc one a9 has a very very very poor battry.

  • Anonymous

Most people complaining about performance are forgetting one basic aspect of computing - not everyone requires the highest performing hardware that's out in the market. You guys do have a computer at home, right? A real (ie, conventional) computer- a...