HTC One A9 review: Rejuvenation

28 October, 2015
HTC One A9 is not just a phone, it's a corporate rejuvenation. A9 is the boost HTC needs to swim out of the murky waters and claim its piece on the market. HTC may have outed a few very capable phones this year, but it needs a game changer, a statement that the king is still alive and kicking...

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  • AnonD-392500

Why buy A9 while 10evo is better than this in every aspect?

  • Mmm

Htc one a9 has a very very very poor battry.

  • Anonymous

Most people complaining about performance are forgetting one basic aspect of computing - not everyone requires the highest performing hardware that's out in the market. You guys do have a computer at home, right? A real (ie, conventional) computer- as in a desktop or a laptop- NOT a tablet/phone that is pretending to be one. Think about it, are you using a computer with a top of the line 'K' series Intel Core i7 CPU, a top of the line GTX Titan GPU, 32GB or RAM (or more), and a super fast+very large SSD? If yes, well, good for you. If no, WHY NOT? These computers have been available for a quite some time, yet, MOST people keep using Core i3s, or worse- AMD APU based computers. Cost is a factor, but what's more important to understand- is that most people don't require such powerful hardware- even a modern day desktop Celeron CPU/ AMD APU is capable enough to satisfy a lot of computing requirements - emails, web browsing, movies, word processing, even lite-weight photoshop edits and small development projects. If you're not simulating complex mathematical models that try to make M-theory predictions, you're not a professional (by this I mean someone who gets paid for his work) graphics designer, or a hardcore gamer rocking GTA 5 in the maximum possible resolution and highest graphics settings, purchasing extreme hardware is not the brightest idea - it costs more, but more importantly it will cost more to fix it when a part goes bad, it will consume a LOT more power, and generate a LOT more heat.

It's kind of a similar situation with phones. Not everyone needs the fastest CPU, the most accurate color representation on the screen, wireless charging capability, an IR blaster, super long battery life, and gaming graphics. Some people use the phone, well, as a phone. Maybe some text messaging, some WhatsApp, some SATNAV, some music playback, and occasionally a bit of web browsing while commuting to work or back home. In my opinion, anything beyond this should be done on a laptop anyway. A conventional laptop/ desktop computer provides a way better multimedia, web, gaming, and content-creation experience compared to even the most expensive phone. To top it off, I find the full-sized keyboard+mouse combo to be a way better HID than a touch screen- especially for prolonged continuous use.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this- "to each, his own".

I find this the A9 quite appealing. It makes a great "style-statement", and gets the basics covered quite beautifully. Headphone sounds beautiful, and while "boom-sound" loudspeakers would have been a good addition- I hardly ever use my cell phone to play music out loud- I have a conventional SONY HiFi system for this- no boomsound can match the power of 500W RMS my stereo produces - it literally shakes up my room even at 15% volume. The battery easily lasts me a day (with 45%-50% remaining at bed time), because I mostly use my phone just for calls and texts.

Once again, if you are in need of the most powerful hardware that can be purchased for this price, then the A9 is not for you- try looking at the Chinese vendors.

But in case you're like me, someone who has access to a powerful i7 HQ laptop almost all the time (except while driving and showering and a few other occasions where you'd really not want to be distracted by a computer anyway), use your phone mostly as a phone, and want to purchase the BEST STYLE that can be purchased at this price point coupled with a better than average build quality, you should really at least consider the HTC One A9- chances are, you will love it.

Thank you.

  • AnonD-122669

Have you checked on online stores like Amazon ?

  • Omid46

Dearest readers.HTC A9 as a midrange smartphone plus disadvantages mentioned in gsmArena complete review is a good quality smartdevice in necessary criteria for a midrange phone.But HTC needs two important facts which should be considered in its future smartdevices:One,very high price in the crowded markets which Samsung,Xiaomie,Huawei,etc.have flooded the midrange market,2.Battery capacity of at least 3200 mAh....Thanks all mentioned names.Justice Rights.Omid12omidvar.

  • Sean RSO

Do any of u guys experience camera problms?? My camera is freezing, can somebody help plz...

  • tots a paid comment

Got this thing a bit over a week ago and so far I'm mostly pleased.

The battery life hasn't been an issue yet, though the longest day the phone has had without charging was probably about 5-6 hours of playing music on and off through headphones and a bit of web browsing+some calls. Afterwards it still had over 40% if i recall correctly(it definitely wasn't dying for a while still).

So far it only really heated up during Os updates and when I left it in the sun stationary to film scenery for a timelapse for fun (filmed it in standard record mode, turned out ok though some noise in the shadows - it's a phone camera after all, an okish one, but still only a phone one)

The fingerprint sensor works really quick, though it seems to not respond at times from some angles too well so you gotta get used to engaging it properly.
Speaker can be muffled easily.
There's a couple widgets I miss from my old device (separate wifi, audio profile, screen brightness widgets - 2 of these can be put on the screen with a 5 in 1 long widget) also needed to download a calendar widget.

Don't play any demanding phone games so I haven't encountered any lag other than ~1-2 to load skype at times when it has been closed for a while or not logged in.

I find brand loyalty a terrible thing to have in regard to tech and I am in some ways sad I seem to be dependent on the Sense UI being on my phone, but for a low price this phone is def not a bad choice for someone who doesn't play 3d phone games.

  • Pete

I hate this phone.The battery life is very poor

  • shaikh

one thing to say...aawwwweeeeesome phone from HTC ...go for it guys...

  • AnonD-512995

Its battery life is very very poor
didn't have dual sim support
didn't have laser auto focus

  • PhoneGuy

JayD, 05 Nov 2015A9 is a horrible phone for the price used it for 4 days and... moreJayD - No more than $100 for a phone with even 16GB of memory and a fingerprint sensor, and dolby sound, 2Gb or ram.... don't know what phone you're looking at for $100, maybe one that is plastic or maybe an old htc desire v. The A9 yes is overpriced but you're way out of touch with the cost of stuff.

  • AnonD-487989

I live in Myanmar, I'm HTC crazy, How I can get Htc A9 from my country this month, and tell me prize of that phone with Myanmar prize please.

  • AnonD-483943

I got this as a gift for Christmas and I'm very impressed. Having brand loyalty to HTC I've been through my fair share. My previous model was the M7, and other than the audio changes, this is the perfect evolution for HTC. Understandably, there is no longer Beats technology (thanks Apple) but the quality I'm after is still there.

I bought the Dot View case for it, and I must say, wow! The interactive case is wonderful. A bit 'gimmicky' but very fun, nonetheless. I really like that I can answer calls, skip songs and check for messages without having to open the case.

Well done HTC, you've made me happy again!

  • AnonD-196292

The a9 is a beautiful device with alot of unrealized potential. After watching a teardown I realize that their internal design isn't ideal for such a form factor. They could easily added a 2500 mah battery. The on screen nav keys really could've been positioned right next to either side of the fingerprint sensor. The chipset is good, not blazing fast, but it's could benefit from a more power efficient chip. Type c connector would have definitely been appreciated going into 2016. The display is more than adequately sharp. I think if htc were to make a follow up device, they could really build a device worth their $500 asking price. The audio quality via the headphone is amazing btw

  • Rohan

It's a wonderful mobile and user free if it's HTC user speed is good as it has 3 gb ram. In build photo editing is superb for amateur photographers.
Shorts cuts spelling for msg is good as per other brands.
In future htc will come with new body shape and it's application.

the brightness on the HTC A9 is very bright so I don't know really what gsm was on about.
The screen is outstanding and bright modern collars are the best I have ad on a hTC in 4 years.

well done !! very very happy with this beauty of a device

  • Anonymous

MarK, 24 Nov 201513MP and 4:3 photos, no thanks. We are in 2015 not 2000This 13mp camera is same as s6 16mp camera to be clear about your comment
I use this A9 2 weeks ago

  • MarK

13MP and 4:3 photos, no thanks. We are in 2015 not 2000

  • AnonD-467298

Nice & good looking fon!!!

  • TellTheTruth

Fitbri, 18 Nov 2015I just received my A9 from the USA in Australia today and i... moreLol at a phone that looks masculine, got a little carried away there didn't you?