HTC One A9 review: Rejuvenation

28 October, 2015
HTC One A9 is not just a phone, it's a corporate rejuvenation. A9 is the boost HTC needs to swim out of the murky waters and claim its piece on the market. HTC may have outed a few very capable phones this year, but it needs a game changer, a statement that the king is still alive and kicking...

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  • Anonymous

I like this phone and battery life dont matter for me you have fast charge :D
Great screen , excellent camera , amazing audio and sound , stuning design , android 6.0, thiner device , who's care about battery

  • AnonD-234961

This phone is a sad joke. If you connect a smartwatch to it, it will not last more than 6 hours.

  • shonamoni

why even review a mid ranger? HTC is done...

I didn't think the battery would be this bad...God almighty. I definitely will wait for Sony's next compact.

  • Anonymous

LOL look at the battery life
i hope people who understand tech dont buy this piece of sh**t

  • Anonymous

that battery life though!!!

  • AnonD-450016

they are stupid enough to keep software buttons, at least with the physical keys they would have saved some screen real estate and have a good reason for that huge bottom bezel.
And at top of all that they price this as a flagship with 500 bucks instead of doing what motorola did with their moto x style. Damn htc i wanted to like you and i wanted the a9 to be a comeback but it sucks for the price

  • Anonymous

AnonD-236981, 28 Oct 2015As expected....poor battery life....better to buy any other... moreor a phone with removable battery

  • Anonymous

The battery life...

  • AnonD-236981

As expected....poor battery life....better to buy any other high end phone like xperia z5,s6 edge or iphone6....