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  • Ass

jyn, 24 Apr 2020Three bad things about HTC one A9, Very poor battery, abrup... moreDid you know this is a 2015 mobile?

  • jyn

Frank, 14 Feb 2018This device is pretty decent for the price I got it for ($2... moreThree bad things about HTC one A9, Very poor battery, abrupt close of apps, abrupt reboot anytime its charging no vibration for outgoing call connection. I wonder why I keep prefering HTC ONE A9. HTC phones are one of the worst among phones i ever had.

  • Steve

Had this phone approx. 2+ years. Loved it, did everything I wanted. We use it while traveling, and numerous apps running at one time was not an issue. No problems until about 6 months ago when we had to start charging it twice a day, but could deal with that ok. Then the phone just starting turning itself off, always at a inconvenient time. Thought it was a battery issue but when put on charge, could restart it & battery icon would indicate still had plenty of life. I have deleted all photos, downloads, unwanted apps etc but still no difference. Probably time to upgrade!

  • NoName

The phone is almost trash in my opinion. Yeah, I'm mad because it broke it's screen with screen protection on it (untouched the glass protection, yey - but the screen beneath it broke), it was the phone that broke the easiest (I had other phones with broken glass too, took precautions with this one with glass protection, but fuck it... useless), tried to repair with glass repair kit and 2 buttons didn't work as they supposed to, phone turned off and started fucking vibrating from 20 seconds to 20 seconds, couldn't do anything about it and I broke it because it was driving me nuts (watching a dissasembly video on youtube, trying to dissasemble properly but this is a fucking annoying phone to dissasemble too...).

Good point:
- Can be rooted if you search long enough, but you should be careful with that though
Bad points:
- Every plastic part snaps easily
- Glass breaks even with glass protection on it
- If you try to repair glass with "glass repair kit" buttons start working badly, starts vibrating forever even while closed
- Hard to dissasemble, fix or change anything

  • Abster

Anonymous, 27 May 2019Anyone still using this phone? can you share your experience?Gosh I've had the phone since it was released. I loved it then and now. The processor is amazing runs perfectly, no lag. I have thousands of pictures and videos. A lot of apps, and it runs smooth. The back camera is really good, specially with good lighting. There screen never cracked, the fingerprint scanner is great. I really like HTC phones. The downside is the battery life. After all these years of use and a little abuse the battery life gets shorter and shorter I need to get it replaced. If not for the battery I can still use the phone another year or 2. 💪🏼

  • sam

Sam, 25 Sep 2019Where did you replace the battery?Go to any local reputed mobile repair shop they ll get it & replace the battery or you could get a battery online and get it replaced. I got mine replaced 2 weeks ago n the phone is much better now, can run it another 12-15 months for sure.

  • Sam

Ricksp, 31 Aug 2019Very good smartphone. MicroSD slot allows to store lots of ... moreWhere did you replace the battery?

  • Dan

I bought this phone on contract back in 2016, I absolutely loved the camera being pretty decent at the price range of a medium grade phone. I used this phone heavily until the middle of this year (2019). The battery life kept getting worse over time, from being able to be used for the whole day to having to be used only while it is being charged. The battery is so bad that it can't even stay on for more than 5 seconds when it is not being charged. It also heats up quite badly sometimes. Up to 80 degrees celsius at times.

I bought this phone based on the advice of a friend, but I wish I had known more information about the device before purchase. I would have definitely not picked this phone model.

  • Rafey

I bought his phone in wass really a veryy nice and high end phone like noo lags noo issue it just robust performer thee cameraa is veryy nicee excellnce cameraa quality oll disaapointment is the battery life i used too chhrge this phone 4 time a very bad drains tooo fastt the only thing which makes this phone dissapoint is the battery issuee elsee talking about the phone hardware itss justt amazing thee best in the market...but battery issue is all we need to fix 2.5 hours of backup thtsa soo sad

  • Ricksp

Very good smartphone. MicroSD slot allows to store lots of apps and photos.
HTC original charger lasted only 6months. The battery is an issue. I had to replace after three years.

This Phone is superb, ultra tin design and with it's incredible features, Camera is OK, I just love the phone pls. don't ask me why lol!

  • akw

it has good design , maybe because of it's like iphones ! with those border , it's like size of my LG K10 with 5.3 inch display , btw i remember thise phone planned to get many upgrades but it got just 1 update , 6 to 7! this is 1374th comment which is my birthday in Iranian calendar

I've had this phone for over 2 years, and love it. However, the camera is known to come loose if you use it as a webcam on a moving vehicle, for example. I've had to order a new camera part and avoided giving the phone the shakes as much as possible. The battery life is crap and I've also had to replace that. Cracked the screen the 1st time, so removing it is harder than anything else. Overall the phone cost me more than an iPhone 7, but it's worth it being Android. Tough as nails if dropped on the corners too and the screen never cracked once.

  • A Guy

Anonymous, 27 May 2019Anyone still using this phone? can you share your experience?Phone currently on perm life support and will not last 10 minutes from a charger, after 2/3 years of abuse, looking in to changing battery currently.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 May 2019Anyone still using this phone? can you share your experience?Am still using it. I bought it yr 2016. I have to charge it twice a day. 😅

  • Anonymous

Anyone still using this phone? can you share your experience?

  • Fahim

Can anyone tell the model of audio ic used in htc a9

  • Larry

The phones performance is only good on first year of use after that everything starting from the battery is just horrible

  • insta: @yazan.n.z

Max51251, 12 Nov 2018i hesitate between those three, what do you recomand : - ... morei have a htc one a9 and its pretty great

It's just way too overpriced