HTC One A9

HTC One A9

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  • AnonD-419210

Offspring of Micromax and Apple.👎

  • xz


  • Rodg

AnonD-444106, 24 Sep 2015Front facing is look alike motorola. Back is the own design... moreDude... back side looks like Apple's iphone 6... see pictures and you will see, there is that rose-gold look-alike copy of 6s as well.

  • Anonymous

Looks like the iphone 6

  • Anonymous

i think htc is saving the best for m10

  • AnonD-279118

Surprisingly no Black bar around the screen! wow
that htc logo shouldn't be there! :@

  • AnonD-398754

What happened to htc? This looks terrible.

  • Bibb

how do you know that these are the specs? There were some leaks about mediatek x20 with 4GB RAM. it can be real

  • Aditya

Should have atleast 2500 mah battery.....otherwise its goin to be a mega

  • AnonD-444106

Front facing is look alike motorola. Back is the own design of htc. If it cost about 500$ i will buy it

  • Anonymous

Should have removed the sd slot too.
Faster death is always better than a slow one. Although i doubt more beople will buy it anyway, with or without the slot.

  • AnonD-279118

I think GSM ARENA should have the carbon iron version as the default pic not white! ;)

  • Anonymous

2150battery on an full hd,,,octa core processor is a joke

  • Anonymous

HTC over!!!