HTC One A9

HTC One A9

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  • Here'sToChange

i think HTC, i can understand why you make this mid-range smartphone! yeah, it's game other brands' high end smartphones vs HTC's mid-range smartphones. other brands' mid-range smartphones vs HTC's high end smartphones! hehe LOL

  • AnonD-279118

Kinda looks like HTC butterfly 2!

  • AnonD-279118

Glad it's got a fingerprint reader for a midrange
N no black bars surprisingly n that HTC logo in between 😡

  • AnonD-292864

And i thought iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the ugliest phones. This is even uglier than them.

  • Gw504saints

HTC this is your hero phone. LMAO

  • Anonymous

So this is the hero phone they said? Seriously?

Too small capacity battery.

  • AnonD-444106

Rodg, 24 Sep 2015Dude... back side looks like Apple's iphone 6... see pictur... moreFor 1000000 time. Apple copied htc. How much iphone fans say this bullshite we just smile to them hahaha

No Boom Sound speakers this time... Then too such huge lower bazels... No black strap of HTC logo... 2150Mah battery... I dont care how much it marks up in the battery endurance rating... In real day use... Yes we need good battery... Flop

  • r1abdu

GSM arena should change the white a9 n keep aa gray instead coz that fingerprint scanner is not seen!
And I don't think the announcement date will be September 29 maybe probably next month

  • AnonD-183089

just a fake android iphone 6 :S

  • AnonD-419210

Offspring of Micromax and Apple.👎

  • xz


  • Rodg

AnonD-444106, 24 Sep 2015Front facing is look alike motorola. Back is the own design... moreDude... back side looks like Apple's iphone 6... see pictures and you will see, there is that rose-gold look-alike copy of 6s as well.

  • Anonymous

Looks like the iphone 6

  • Anonymous

i think htc is saving the best for m10

  • AnonD-279118

Surprisingly no Black bar around the screen! wow
that htc logo shouldn't be there! :@

  • AnonD-398754

What happened to htc? This looks terrible.

  • Bibb

how do you know that these are the specs? There were some leaks about mediatek x20 with 4GB RAM. it can be real

  • Aditya

Should have atleast 2500 mah battery.....otherwise its goin to be a mega