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HTC One A9

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  • Here'sToChange

i still can't guess why htc take time to launch this smartphone with 13 MP camera with OIS (missing part to htc), mashmellow in out of box! according to my memory, it's world 3rd smartphone out with android 6.0

  • Ab48

Unfortunately, , no Infrarrd . it is most famous for htc devises .

  • Here'sToChange

why GSMArena ,htc a9 remove from "latest phones list"?

  • H!F@N

Is it features confirmed or not...?

  • lisa g.

Htc needs the money to make a flagship phone and I think theyre hoping that money comes from sales of the A9 and other devices theyre gona release as the holidays approach. They had to do something quik to increase sales. No, the A9 doesnt appeal to me and others that want a flagship phone. Theres just no way on earth they could get a flagship out this early. I personally could care less if they copy off other phones/brands "looks" because brands have been fighting competitively to begin with in the "style" department with "buttons/logo/speakers/ colors, etc just as much as carriers are at each others throats for customers. Its how the game is played! So as far as looks go, forget it- its the hardware and specs Im after. Appearance comes second for me. We gotta acept the facts and move on cause we all cant be pleased all the time. BTW, get with it htc and fast.

  • sampath

Its useless to have two speakers on front but they continue use that design even they failed on market becoz of this speakers designs. i think htc design team need to change seriously. performance seems far away from other brand,battery power and front side of phone covers a lot with useless speakers and spaces. We didn't expect this kind of phone again after M9 failed. I'm not sure whats doing HTC company

  • AWallis

Hmmm interesting, I just compared stats of the new Nokia and the Iphone 6 as well as the look of the latter 2. Pans out that the new HTC has about the same bezel as apple and overall better stats and battery. I need an upgrade from my One S, impressed with look and feel of 6s but will wait to take a look at the new HTC. Overall seems promising

  • AnonD-322352

They REALLY had to put the HTC logo there, apparently...


  • lisa g.

I feel htc made this phone to help themselves. To get extra money to put towards the A9 and the htc10 (next year). To me, this mid range phone is their hero in need and not a hero for customers. Its targeting customers who cant afford a high end phone and the multiple choice of colors is perfect for these folks since the holidays are coming up. I try to look objectively at their situation and not focus on "oh it looks like an iphone". They laid of a lot of people off work to scrap the money for a high end phone (which they needed more time to build) to please their investors. Without investors you cant make phones. CEO Cher Wang bowed with an apology to htc investors in June for such a terrible outcome with the M9, right? So in order to not lose their investors they had to come up with something quik to sell or the company could of tanked. Yes I want a superb high end htc phone and seeing what they just put out made me sad. But lets be real about something else that should'nt mean squat to htc fans. 1) big deal if the phone looks looks like an iphone without a big brain. Phone carriers are at each others throats competitively, just like carriers are trying to be big and better than others everday to attract customers. 2) htc fans know that htc MUST put out a high end soon to get above water level or they risk losing investors and customers indefinately. So I say patience is needed here cause we will probably get what we want. Htc has no other choice. So lets sit tight and see what happens.

  • LifesGood

OK, HTC get the point: some Android users like iphone style and they want one iphone with Android OS! Then HTC listen to this and make it! :)

Nothing special trought...

It will sell like hot dogs in winter OR NOT!

The front have too big bezzels like iphonix! the fingerprint button look like sammy home button! OK HTC, you are mess with the devil!

  • MAC

if the A9 is supposed 2B the 2015/2016 flagship, then HTC's future & continuity will be at risk

  • Anonymous

Battery life is bit doubtful with 2150mAh...It should b minimum 2800mAh looking forward today's usage.

  • amo

AnonD-444106, 24 Sep 2015For 1000000 time. Apple copied htc. How much iphone fans sa... moreYes indeed. HTC started this design back in 2013 starting with the m7. So why will people say this is an apple design?

  • AnonD-178610

I won't go for this cheapskate phone HTC is throwing out just to buy time. There goes HTC with this outdated spec phone.

16 GB internal and 2 GB RAM !?!?!? HTC, dear, are you serious? LG G2 is waaay better and it was released 2 years ago.

  • Anonymous

HTC used to be a topnotched smartphone maker. is something wrong with their design team?

  • Pan Goli

Very very bad conception and design HTC. I really don't like yours future concepts. Software and hardware very ugly for me I think.

  • weng

you forget the fingerprint sensor, there is the button at the phone's bottom

  • AnonD-444356

looks too much like an iPhone wannabe.

  • AnonD-101287

AnonD-398754, 24 Sep 2015What happened to htc? This looks terrible. You are right, this is most ugliest(from Front) phone ever been produced by HTC. I never purchased this phone. This could be a flop show.