HTC One Dual Sim

HTC One Dual Sim

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  • AnonD-514472

Hi guys i have htc one m7 802d (dual sim) ,has anyone got lollipop update for your phone in australia region

  • AnonD-514472

paspas, 17 Dec 2015If i bought gsm + cdma htc one dual m7, then whether i coul... moreHi i think u can use because i have htc m7 802d and i am using gsm+gsm

  • Krish

Cdma working nicely

  • SHAN

I bought HTC802W through ebay on april 2015 .The phone was overheating .By November the screen started to come out and the phone switched off after 50% battery.last day the phone started bulging(Not while charging) as i was not using it for a week as there were no hardware service center near my area for HTC. Last day the bulged the screen and the back cover like a balloon(10 months from purchase).

  • mizu

AnonD-433774, 26 Aug 2015It is possible to upgrade to lollipop European version . I ... moreVery good links. Thanks!

  • K


  • ashu

iamprashant99, 21 Oct 2015Hie guys, I'm planning to buy HTC One M7 dual phone. Wil... moreBoth has saame...4 ultrapic not so good as think

  • AnonD-485774

Nsonaso, 16 Oct 2014I bought HTC One Dual Sim 802W made in Taiwan 2 days ago be... morePlease SOME ONE help me to get Software Update option in my 802w HTC dual sim, I have purched it as second here are the detail of boot loader ,i don't know even its rooted or not and also whether European or chines RUU ,cus i am new for all this kinda ,i am in middle east right now .



CID 11111111

H BOOT 2.23.0000


when i open recovery mode in my phone they shows in chinese language or taiwan , ....


it is heating too much!!!!!!!!

  • usnawaz

Does usb OTG supports only FAT32 file system..? On my this phone, NTFS usb shows unsupported format. Please anyone make it clear..?? Waiting

  • paspas

If i bought gsm + cdma htc one dual m7, then whether i could use gsm+gsm or not in that mobile. Please frnd. Help me.

  • Krish

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2015Hello there, I hv a HTC one dual SIM 802d. My SIM 1 slot... moreUpdate os 5.02 lollipop

  • Anonymous

Hello there,

I hv a HTC one dual SIM 802d. My SIM 1 slot 1 stopped responding. Any advisement by experts there pls?

  • Krish

Any update

  • Zain

Caller I'd is disabled in HTC one dual mobile

  • tandyy

Bunty, 19 Nov 2015htc one m7 802w when release lallipopAnyway there is no more information about this bt if it wil happen i will inform. Everyone

  • Sunny

can any1 can i acess sd card on the phone...

  • Bunty

htc one m7 802w when release lallipop

  • AnonD-401772

AnonD-399456, 17 Aug 2015find the rom you want (i recogmend sixthsenserevolution). d... morei have 802d kitkat rooted s on custom recovery
can i flash this custom rom? without upgraded to lollipop first?

  • AnonD-401772

anyone who have install custom rom soul sense 7 on htc one dualsim 802d can i have the link to download rom? pleaseeeeeee