HTC One M9+

HTC One M9+

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  • Saddam Badarudeen

I am using this phone since October 2016.... the only problem is Poor Battery Life.....But adjustable.

Rating : 06/10

  • AnonD-688797

AnonD-688063, 29 Jul 2017I can't agree with your statement.I have been using htc m9+... moreI don't agree with the camera...the camera picture quality is good only in outdoor bright lights....while on the other side it performs below average indoors and deem light situation

  • AnonD-688797

This phone is by far the worst flagship I have ever used...mediatek tends to slow down quite faster...still on marshmallow in Aug of 2017 here in india, this might be my last HTC phone , can't use this kinda phone especially with a high price tag

  • AnonD-688063

I can't agree with your statement.I have been using htc m9+ for 1.5 years,quitly satisfactory in all sense.Camera,processor,performance battery backup,every thing above mark.may be buying from genuine suppliers will solve your issue.

  • Anonymous

I havent ever ever seen such a useless product anytime in my life.i request not to buy this product.this phone gets heated as i cant even touch it.the applications like skype if downloaded doesnt get activated at all.i bought this phone as a great asset and this was my fate.please dont get deceived

  • jagdish

AnonD-665137, 18 May 2017When did htc m9 plus get nougat update...even htc a9 gets n... morei m also waiting for android 7.0 for htc m9+.
hTc is a third class service provider in India.
Newer buy Indian customer.....

  • Anonymous

Fingerprint scanner. Gross security flaw. PASS.

  • keval

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2017Single simThanks

  • keval

AnonD-682468, 05 Jul 2017Single sim.Thanks

  • Anonymous

Keval, 04 Jul 2017Hello htc one m9+ users.. is it dual sim or single sim?Single sim

  • AnonD-682468

Android Nougat 7.0 confirmed for HTC One M9+!!

Android 7.0 Nougat update coming soon on HTC 10, HTC One M9+ and HTC One A9— HTC India (@HTC_IN) January 17, 2017

  • AnonD-682468

Keval, 04 Jul 2017Hello htc one m9+ users.. is it dual sim or single sim?Single sim.

  • Keval

Hello htc one m9+ users..

is it dual sim or single sim?

  • James

Help me , 24 Feb 2017Guys am going to buy first smartphone in my life. But am co... moreBuy galaxy a7 2017... that's a real deal

  • Anonymous

M9 plus is a really good phone. The back camera has a really good resolution bt still doesnt feel good. The colours and at night the back camera is not good at all. The front cam is amazing. Overall performance is good.

  • bombay

Noor, 11 May 2017Very bad mobile htc one m9+ Battery 1 day 3 time charging... morethat s because of ur over usage

  • AnonD-675073

I bought this phone two years ago and have been using it everyday,it has never failed me,always fast and usually snappy,camera is amazing when you're taking pictures outside when there's plenty of light but in low light it's not as good,battery is medium,speaker and mic are amazing,the picture quality is very good too,if you don't play really demanding games it's an appropriate phone.

  • AnonD-9776

I want to ask if one m9+ can get nougat update? Cos that's why I sold my one m8, thanks...

  • jazhicks

can any one tell me how to stop google ads
its irritating me

  • Anonymous

AnonD-428142, 16 Mar 2017Leave them both and go to samsung or sony bro. The s7 may b... moreVery good advice