HTC One M9+ Supreme Camera

HTC One M9+ Supreme Camera

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  • $|\|@|

Sony Z5 will destroy this phone...

  • Anonymous

tell me the price of htc one m9+

  • Anonymous

Sindroid, 29 Sep 2015No.. Sensation was their last good phone. Had the M7, what a pie... moreROFL sensation. Why don't just go back to flip phones.

  • Here'sToChange

waiting to see, how this supreme camera destroying other heroes!!!

  • Here'sToChange

this vs nexus 5x, iphone 6s, xperia z5

  • Anonymous

Oh look at that Samesung a Micro-sd slot.

  • AnonD-430761

Media tek is a huge problem but I just want that htc need to get rid of the bezels( black) and htc logo

  • Sinanju

Total crap and useless upgrade!!! Dont waste ur money on this crap... they should updrage the processor and the battery...

Greg, 29 Sep 2015Another "tryhard" device from HTC... am i only one who remmebers... moreNo.. Sensation was their last good phone. Had the M7, what a piece of trash. Shitty camera, shitty assembled, gaps and what not.

  • Anonymous

Im greatly dissappointed im a user of m9 plus, why not include ous in the 1st place..... crap.....

  • Anonymous

Superb camera 📷..hope This save HTC

  • Gw504saints

Would have love to purchase this phone but I stay the United States. :(

  • Anonymous

First of all,I never really liked the design of M9+ . The fingerprint button just spoiled the whole design.And,Secondly,I DONT TRUST MEDIATEK !!!

  • Greg

Another "tryhard" device from HTC... am i only one who remmebers glorious days of HTC ?

  • Gran Turismo

theres no such super LCD3 or 4 or 5 like screens i believe. its just have to be IPS LCD or a AMOLED display, thats it.

where as sony flaunts a bravia display. wait?? what??

The display on the 1st gen. Galaxy grand has better screen than any bravia displays out there for mobiles.

  • adr

This must be a joke. Five months after the release of the first M9+ they come with a "new" model. This "supreme camera" sounds like something a tabloid would do to attract the public attention. A recycled M9+ that has +1 MP and an autofocus system with laser. It feels like this should have been originally but they were in a rush of "amazing" the public. Maybe a lot of development went in to this new model but it looks like the old one, not even the autofocus sensor was moved from that place or any other change to make it feel a bit fresher. They have too manny models that wither look the same or they have the same spec. A higher clocked processor or a higher count mp(1) in a camera doesn't sound very convincing. My current phone is neither an apple neither a samsung or sony.

  • AnonD-405010

Hmm.. Supreme camera...