HTC One (M9) leaked cases confirm lack of Duo camera

16 February, 2015

Case manufacturers have become a reliable source of intel on future smartphones, and Amazon is currently flooded with optional protection for the yet-to-be-announced HTC One (M9) flagship. Unlike the case with the Samsung Galaxy S6 where precise dimensions were stated, HTC's covers are less revealing.

HTC One (M9) cases

One thing that appears certain at this point it the lack of a dual camera, as the back of all cases sports a single large cutout for the lens and flash arrangement. That was a common theme of all previous leaks, so we can can safely assume that HTC will go with a conventional camera this time around.

While the back has been pretty much settled, a few manufacturers seem to have missed the memo on the new speakers design. Some of the models have carried over the One (M8) grille placement in the renders instead of the thin slits towards the edges, that are believed to feature in the next generation.

It's unlikely they've mass produced the wrong case, though. More realistically, companies have chosen the safe side and stuck with an official image of the predecessor, instead of breaching confidentiality agreements and revealing something ahead of launch.

A hat-tip to our reader Maimuna Belgaumwala for the info!