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Mr lol, 29 Dec 20184mp doesnt mean poor 4mp with ultra pixel Bigger pixel S... moreI think the goal that HTC was trying to achieve for the camera was to capture brighter photos while still retaining quality that you see in other smartphones of the time.

  • Anonymous

Phone guy 13, 29 Sep 20204mp camera?! What?! Why so low?it's ultra pixel not mega the website just missed this out

4mp camera?! What?! Why so low?

  • Big guy

I've had this phone for over 6 years years only have to master reset it one time is the best phone by far I've ever had it can't compare not even to the new tablets and cell phones today in 2020 hopefully they'll make a new one and I'll be the first one to buy it

  • YoSon

Hypnotic24, 08 Feb 2019Simply the best smart phone HTC have made when comes to dur... moreStill the htc one max is god tier. Just needs a revamp

  • Sadi

I have Htc one max from 2014 May up to know, that's perfect, still working well!
battery life is incredible, impact resistance, powerful processing with nowadays apps

  • mikey one max was and is still the best in htc's history with all the bells and whistles no matter how old it is getting.

  • Hypnotic24

Simply the best smart phone HTC have made when comes to durability battery life and screen size, 2013 to 2018 and still going, we need a remake with the latest OS, Lets go HTC!!!!

  • Mr lol

Zafar Shah, 10 Dec 2016please any one tell me about his camera is this is 4 Mega P... more4mp doesnt mean poor
4mp with ultra pixel
Bigger pixel
So when u take picture clear ajd perfect

A tablet with the ability to phone call and send SMS messages. Okay.

  • Sofizada

We want more features and updates

  • AnonD-523385

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2017This one is better than One M8 and never failed me. The onl... moreThis one old model. No update android m. Htc m8 is better.

  • AJ

My phone has occurring some error as "Unfortunately,YouTube has stopped.this massage is repeating & cannot do any do you have any idea about this? your idea/thought is highly appreciate....

  • AnonD-535913

The easiest solution is to give it back. Poor phone altogether with under-par reliability.

  • mahmud

recently i buy htc one max taiwan, but i annt use the hotspot when i try to switch its switch off also inside my room network very bad, please any one can suggest me

  • AnonD-698806

amazing phone !
kindly assist: after 3+ yrs of perfect functioning its now overheating and charge draining ? any ideas for solution plz.

  • Anonymous

Is this phone 4g supportive in India
I'm not getting 4g connectivity

  • Franj.

I have recently bought one at a bargain price and I have to say that I absolutely love everything about it. The size, the camera, the speakers, the HD quality, the quickness and response ... very,very happy.
As for the fingerprint scanner I had some issues in the beginning but I rescanned my fingerprint and it works quite well.
Updated to Android 5.0.2 and HTC Sense 6.0. I do not need more.

  • Anonymous

This one is better than One M8 and never failed me. The only minus is that it only has a quad-core 1.7GHz processor

  • HTC User

Anth0ny, 26 Mar 2017Good bye to the HTC ONE MAX forum, I have upgraded to the H... more:) Great . Thank you for all your support