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  • Anonymous

Where is the update to5.0

  • Anonymous

Dave, 17 May 2015One word... WORTH. I had to buy one phone for work, and i was h... morei am also using htc m8 eye since last 6 months but this phone some problem know what i do

  • Saad

i have been using Htc mini since 6 months
power button gone hard(main)
Sensor got damage(main)
Battery time got worst
charging Jack issue
pink shade camera

  • alvin marshial

i have been using HTC ONE M7 MINI since 2014 but for now it doesnt the problem is about the software now it does not even switched on i need help am the big fun of htc since day one...i will apreciate thanks

  • Anonymous

was fine the first few weeks, but then started experiencing problems. it is a slow, laggy phone that doesn't even have the newest android update -_-

  • Anonymous

I've had the phone for just a few months. The phone interface is great and in general its a good phone...BUT..... I have some pretty big issues. Firstly, this particular model has an issue with the camera in which all the pictures appear slightly pink. On some devices this can be fixed by adjusting ISO settings. Not all, though. Secondly, since i bought it, the screen jutted out from the casing and i believe this has eventually caused my touch screen to malfunction. the touch screen has spots which dont respond. So, if you consider buying this, look out for these defects.

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone since feb 2014 and it still works fine. The phone has become a bit slow sometimes when browsing websites but I believe it's because the phone lacks memory for todays standards. Otherwise it's somewhat compact and the battery is somewhat decent. Camera is quite bad in low light. Speakers are great in this one because of Beats Audio.

  • Anonymous

worst phone I've ever had , it lags , it turns off , it doesn't turn on , it doesn't wake up when i click my lock button , it sometimes makes all the apps disappear then i have to wait 5 minutes until they come back, it doesn't get any good apps really, all seem to need updating every 4 days which slows it down even more , and I've only had my phone 7 months!

  • Anonymous

I have to say, I really don't like this phone. Nowadays, it seems far too slow to run the latest games/apps. The battery is awful and turns off at about 10/15%, and also the plastic casing is easily cracked. If you are thinking about buying this phone, I implore you not to.

  • Karol

AnonD-391189, 30 Apr 2015can you please tell me if the 4 Ultrapixel camera this has is be... moreMuch better! I had the One mini 2 and the pictures were verybad comparing the One mini's !

  • Anonymous

Been using it for a year now. Sound and display is awesome. Hanged 2/3 times after installing a keyboard software. (Uninstalled it). Aging Better Samsung. Not bad at all.

  • tomekk

Got this phone almost two years ago and it was the first smartphone i ever owned. I also got a good case with it which has two part; one inner rubber mask and one put hard platic mask, and this has kept my HTC One mini in perfect condition. I really do not have any complaints with the phone, the screen is great, after a couple of months i installed a cleaner on it because it was starting to lag but after that it was fine. The speakers and design are good, i like that it fits in my pocket. The only negative i have is the battery. This is probably because i am still used to a phone lasting 5 days one one charge. But after about 9 months of use the capacity went down by about 20%...another negative was after about a month of use it did not charge when plugged in all the time, but after a while that problem went away and has been working fine ever since...finally, maybe it does heat up quite fast but thats also probably because i live in Croatia where it can get pretty hot...all in all i recommend this phone to anyone interested, just try and keep your battery healthy for as long as possible. Oh also, im reading here that some peoples minis bodies are cracking on the doesnt seem to be too sturdy of a phone, as in its standard quality and not over engineered, so i recomend buyng a good case (but one which also lets the battery vent so it can cool) and you shouldnt have any problems with that..

  • Broski

So i have this phone for over a month now and here's my experience.
Before this i had Galaxy S4.
So, about this phone for me:
Pros: Battery life, Design, Speakers, Snappy
Cons: No micro SD (only 12.5gb of free storage), easily cracked

Cameras are preety nice, rear one have 4 ULTRAPIXEl and it can take some great photos even in the night, fron camera is also good 1.6mpx but it does not have some wide angle but that's not big deal.

Phone doesen't lag and it's pretty fast even though it have only 1GB RAM and 1.4GHZ Dual Core processor it can run even newest games without problems due to optimized chip and software for this device.

So on scale 1/10 i'd rate this device a solid 8.5

  • Nick

Verry poor experience, you have to pretty much don't use the phone to make it until the evening, very little battery!!! This phone is absolutely annoying, a lot of freezes, especially after you update the software, wich you have to do it because is constantly asking you every 4 hours... it's like you want to use the phone quickly, not so fast, first will you want to update the software, and you need to click like 2-3 times to shut it up... at least for 4 more hours.... And personally i don't like the layout of the menu and stuff like that of all the HTC Androids. If you don't really use the phone much for browsing or facebook and stuff like that, so you don't need a good battery and a good CPU, is a cheap choice for a phone.

  • Anonymous

Amila, 16 Jul 2015Im going to buy this phone. Any bad opinions? :) pretty old

  • Amila

Im going to buy this phone. Any bad opinions? :)

  • Anonymous

I've bought it about a year ago. It was very good for a half a year until my camera suddenly stopped working. I've never droped the phone on a hard surface. About 2 months ago, I removed my case from it and the upper metal part like just fell of together with the power button. Yesterday I had my phone in my pocket and I felt that it's vibrating. I looked to se what's going on. The phone was making the ''turning on'' screen. It was doing it for like 4 hours untill battery was empty. I charged the phone over night. In the morning I tried to turn it on and nothing happend. 1. rule at buying a phone NEVER BUY HTC. None of my friends that own a htc is satisfied with it.

  • Anonymous


  • carol

i have been using htc one mini black an year now phone is good i just love the camera and the pics are so clear though i must point out the body of the phopne was poorly put to place it keeps on cracking and chipping of the sides am worried years to come i wount be having a phone plus getting spares in kenya is a major disaster send sos in kenya please

  • Jess

I've been using HTC One mini for a almost 2 years now. And I must say, camera is really good as well as the sounds. Also, it rarely lags..but one thing I don't like about HTC is the body of the phone. After using it for a couple of months, I noticed that the side of my phone cracks. And I had to cover it up with a casing so it will not be seen.