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HTC One mini 2

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  • Anonymous

After installing lineage os 14.1(android 7.1.2) from xda developers it supports modern apps. I also didn't install gapps, as that would make performance worse.

Without gapps it is usable. Cpu is clocked low and has no big cores but with some patience at app opening speeds it's ok. On android 7 the ram management is also very good.

Otherwise stock android 4.4.2 is too outdated.

With that out of the way, everything else about the phone is superb. The build quality is solid, premium feeling, it will survive some nasty drops without a case. The speakers are insanely good, absolutely mind blowing for a phone at this size. Even on android 7 without the htc software they are still good. I also have an xperia z3 compact, the speakers on the sony are worse than the one mini 2's speakers. To give some more insight, the xperia speakers sound and feel "small" and tinny in a way, while the one mini 2 speakers sound much bigger and clearer.

The cameras are ok but you will get a lot of noise without good lighting on android 7. I haven't tried using 3rd party camera app though, so that is likely possible to be fixed.

Battery life is great, 5-6 hours screen on time(on wifi). And I really have no idea on what health is my current battery, I bought the phone second hand. The cpu is fairly power efficient I guess.

The screen is sharp and clear and with some manual color temperature tuning looks good.

The vibration motor is also satisfying. I set it to about 25% power in settings and it is good to type on it like that. Which is very rare, on most phones that I have used the vibration motor feels bad and I turn it off. So there is definitely attention to detail here.

So despite the weak cpu and low ram it is still good compact phone. If you have enough knowedge to install the custom rom and use it without gapps(fdroid site+aurora store/apkmirror for apps) it can be still used as a daily driver compact phone.

If you require more power and would trade-off the ultra good speakers for it-xperia z1 compact, z3 compact are smarter choice as they are much stronger but also more costly, at least in my country.

  • Alex

The only phone that still runs ok after almost 7 years. :)
Whish they made some compact phones like this

  • Anonymous

Jack, 05 Nov 2015I can honesty say that the HTC One mini2 is the worst mobil... moreI concur with what you said, the worst phone ever

  • Jon_kidd

Bought this phone last 2014 in Africa; got snatched during traffic jam 😁 bought another one, my 4 yo nephew bit the screen and it craked 😁

But I liked the phone so much, good performance. I enjoyed using it..

  • AnonD-718810

AnonD-718810, 27 Nov 2017Just recently bought a htc one mini 2 . Battery is good. Go... moreWhats the battery life like on your htc one mini 2

  • AnonD-718810

Just recently bought a htc one mini 2 . Battery is good. Good specs for £38.

  • Anonymous

After 2 years battery charged very slow, I suspected battery fault. Bought battery, tear down all, broke ribbon cable of lower speaker and usb port. Bought the board, replace both battery and board. Charge normal again. Then Im not sure the problem are battery or usb port corroded. Broke antenna on upper speaker cover. Still normal.

RAM was main problem here, as only 200Mb left. Make it really slow. But this phone was beauty. Love design and size.

  • AnonD-714565

It's a great phone, never had problems, until today when I've tried to download a health tracker app - says my device in not compatible. Company says phone is probably old version (!). Does this mean I have to upgrade to a new phone...???

  • htc one mini 2 owner

Its an okay phone if all you're doing is basic stuff. It's extremely slow at opening apps and running them and it often overheats quite a lot. decent at running youtube videos but optimisation isn't very good.

  • Khu

I Have Mine It Oz In Good Condition Bt It Js Start Misbehaving,if I Switch It On,after Som Sec It Switchez Itslf Off.,.I Dnt Knw Wat To Do Nw,,,help Pliz

  • Anonymous

HTC is the best!!

  • Huawei technical sup

AnonD-607143, 06 Nov 2016+ 2 months after I bought the phone, the microphone wasn't ... moreUse earphones for privacy

  • Astonish

The use of the phone is quite enjoying but it gets too hot to hold especially after a long use either for the internet or for games.

  • L_a

Own this phone for 2 years, tho. And have no problems with apps loading or smth like this. It works pretty fast, btw battery still doing it's job perfect, 2 days in typical daily mode: internet+music+calls.
Also it has awesome sound using both speakers and external output and nice retina screen. Not an iphone 6, but it costs a fair price.
Do not regret bought this one.

  • AnonD-607143

AnonD-607143, 06 Nov 2016An overall poor phone with a small amount of RAM which make... more+ 2 months after I bought the phone, the microphone wasn't working anymore and there was no solution to fix it. The only possibility was to speak on the speaker mode, which is quite incovenient tbh.

  • AnonD-607143

An overall poor phone with a small amount of RAM which makes it extremely slow. The phone takes a thousand years to open apps like Snapchat, which require the use of a camera. Videos on youtube are quiet good but the phone gets laggy after 1 to 2 years of use. I wouldn't recommend buying it unless you will just use it for basic stuff (calling, messaging etc). Moreover, without a protection, you will feel your fingers burning because of the battery overheating problem. It also has a major problem with water because a simple contact with it makes the phone bug.
I bought the phone in 2014 and 6 months later, it started to freeze and even crash sometimes with no reason. There are also phenomen which can't be explained like the autocorrector turning on itself or the need to restart the phone because the Camera app cannot be opened.
P.S: The battery removal is a pain in the a** because of the required number of tools to just open the phone and then disconnect all of the wires of the phone just to access the battery.

  • GE

dunda, 01 Nov 2016After a year it turnout to be the shities phone ever and i ... moreyou make me laugh so good .... THANKS :)

  • Anonymous

dunda, 01 Nov 2016After a year it turnout to be the shities phone ever and i ... moreha ha ha

  • dunda

After a year it turnout to be the shities phone ever and i just want to smash it with a hammer till i wont be able to lift the hammer again.

  • dddvvvmmm

Its camera is good... But ram is not sufficient.... Battery life also poor....don't wast your mony....