HTC One mini 2

HTC One mini 2

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  • Nadhu

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2016Honestly speaking, it's a decent phone with a nice display,... moreWhat about the battery life??
Any issues with the camera??

  • Anonymous

chUnCHEn, 14 Aug 2016I underestimated this phone....but the only CON is its 1gb ... moreyes.. you are right
i love everything but the RAM
if it had 2gb, would be my best phone ever

I underestimated this phone....but the only CON is its 1gb RAM, every other thing is awesome.

  • Anonymous

Honestly speaking, it's a decent phone with a nice display,small screen and first and foremost,what probably is the best stereo loudspeaker I've ever seen on a phone.
That being said,though,it is,for the most part, a very flawed phone,with glaring cons such as:
-Intense overheating in every season of the year(yes,even winter)
-Short battery life
-Performance similar to that of a 2011 flagship phone
(plus one that people haven't really talked about at all,or it's only me)
-The glass is terribly fragile(I only dropped the phone once from 1 meter height max and it cracked)
You can still give it a shot, in case performance is not what you are looking for on a phone,but you would be better off buying any of the latest phones in Sony's E series or the newest Samsung A3.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2016i read alomost all the reviews and i i think most of them w... moreTotally agree

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for almost 2 years and I love it, no problem with reliability for me. Due an upgrade in a couple of months but will be keeping hold of this phone a bit longer as it's still in perfect working order and have no reason to change it. I'd definitely recommend

  • Anonymous

From what I heard I can say that the best about this phone is design and speakers and the worst is performance.

  • Anonymous

Unh, 28 Jun 2016Worst phone ever. Bought this phone (2015 generation) to ... moreWow that's a really big step up. It's about 7 times faster, way better camera, fingerprint scanner, newer OS (and updates for a long time). Congratulations :)

  • mike

Absolute rubbish - don't buy it whatever you do. Unreliable, slow, overheating. I can't believe they are still selling them? A con from the very start. I threw mine away (I really did) and bought a Motorola G for half the price. Now that's a decent phone. Buy that!
Shame on you HTC.

  • Unh

Worst phone ever.
Bought this phone (2015 generation) to replace my Iphone4 (2010 generation) and now I'm regretting it. I'm missing my old Iphone because it was way faster!!! and stable. Sometimes I can't even answer a call on this piece of c&^p. Worse is when I have my data connection or wifi tuned off for a period (usualy at night). When turning internet on.....cannot use this phone for at least 10 minutes. I don't have strong opinions like pro-iphone or anti-iphone or whatever but I will buy an Iphone 5SE (I like small phones that's why I went for mini) to replace this htc junk. It's fantastic how a Iphone from 2010 cand move way faster than a 2015 htc. I've could never imagine

  • AnonD-545830

Had the phone for about 20 months. Sooooo sloooow. Doubles as a toaster it gets that warm. Just waiting for the Oneplus 3 to appear, there could well be a cheap HTC available.

  • Anonymous

Cool phone, have been using it over a yr now. But the power button is not working.

  • Miki

Great phone ! Awesome design,very good camera but poor battery life

  • Jonny

Mildred, 11 Apr 2016i have been using the phone for a year and half and it is s... moreOverheats & battery goes

  • Mildred

i have been using the phone for a year and half and it is still cool, the only problem is its slow now and it overheats.

  • Anonymous

i read alomost all the reviews and i i think most of them were not fair .ive had this awsome phone since a year ago ann still i enjoy everything about it.the size, the design, thw quality , even the battery, i used to change phones once a month but now that i have this cute htc one mini2 ,it is hard for me to think about a new one.BTW, no lag, no heat , camera is just perfect both front and main camera .GooD LuCk

  • Sayuri. One year

I've had the HTC One mini 2 for just over a year now.

Biggest problem thus far has to be how ridiculously slow the phone has become and the battery. Randomly 6 months, the phone started to overheat on its own, becoming seriously hot that it was a cause for concern. This stopped after 5 months and now the battery is just pants, sometimes it doesn't charge, its charges slowly, it takes forever to get to 1% when charging from being completely dead.

I'm just getting an iPhone next.

  • AnonD-520470

I just stumled over all bad reviews for the One mini2 and must say I´m surprised. I´ve had this phone for almost two years now and it just works. Build quality is awesome, the speakers are great and I have never experienced any lag when I use the phone. Can´t say I have problems with battery life either, it lasts long enough. The size is neat and together with the HTC flip cover it has survived a few drops to the ground without any scratches or dents.

  • Taiwan

I own this phone since November 2015 and it's a great phone. Just disappointed no Lollipop update.

  • AnonD-514627

Has a sleek design but that's it.
Constantly adds some more languages to the keyboard by itself, constantly freezes, constantly puts autocorrect back on by itself, often the keyboard letters just become a black panel and you have to click to guess which is which, all in all is not worth half of it's price and the mess that it makes all by itself in a flash of eyelids is cringeworthy and spectacular.