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  • Anonymous

I used to like its size and look, finish HTC would make an upgraded one of the same look

  • labirent300a

Best phone I ever used, it was the best camera experience at those years. especially in reverse light. And beats audio was good to. Slim and light phone but the battery performance was generally poor, and the manufacturer's update policy was poor. Phone was dead after 6 years usage.

  • Steven

Very nice phone, hard glass but battery not that strong and low voice hearing during call. But nice though in average. I love the beat audio and it camera. Phone died after 5 years of usage.

  • Ulvi

Jaap Bleekveld, 15 Dec 2018Good phone. Very strong. Even after falling, glass cover st... moreJust clean small holes of htc with a teeth brush. I had a problem with it but after clearing, it express the voice as a new smarthphone

  • Jaap Bleekveld

Good phone. Very strong. Even after falling, glass cover stays intact. Only problem is some software glitches. And currently outdated. Volume when calling is low. Not to be advised for people with hearing problems. Phone died 6 years after purchase.

  • Anonymous

Solid phone, got it used a few days ago. Pretty good phone. I'm surprised by how strong it is, though the top cover you remove to put in the sim is kinda flimsy. The Beats audio is a nice touch.

  • Richard

Amazing phone. Has been using it since December 2012. No issues whatsoever.

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2018Great device , beats is the best audio,nowadays in 2018 no ... moreI'm still using it in 2018! Battery is now poor, but I will replace it and use it till it stops working... Great device!

  • Anonymous

Great device , beats is the best audio,nowadays in 2018 no one can beat beats audio I lovemy HTC one s,I have used many many high end device but beats audio is the best

  • Rene

My phone is not working sound is not coming out, iven when i prayed video thas'nt wark

  • Ayodele

Shubh, 20 May 2017Wifi not working...did reset..but still not working Please... morePlease kindly help, Htc one s both wifi plus Bluetooth not working, wifi shows error while Bluetooth turning on run till no ending.

  • Shubh

Wifi not working...did reset..but still not working
Please give solution...

  • AnonD-670238

i cannot take pictures due to the camera not working what is the problem?

  • Nicebadboy10

Kindly help me because I have a problem on my HTC One S device. Yesterday I charged it and after some hours it was fully charged, I opened it but it won’t. I didn’t notice that the Memory of my phone is Full. My HTC One S could not be open. It’s just appearing on the screen ‘HTC… Do not distribute…Without HTC written permission’ until the battery runs out. It can’t be open. I already Factory Hard Reset my Phone but still it can’t be open. Before if you open it, it appears and load Cyanogenmod but now it wont. It just appear ‘HTC… Do not distribute…Without HTC written permission’ until the battery runs out. What would be the possible reason why my Phone encountered this problem and what would be the possible solution of this problem. Please Help me, I can’t live without my HTC One S. This phone is the best for me.

  • frank

my phone has reduced internal memory stored capacity now these days has 9GB, anyone can help to tell me what was happen to my phone
please suggest me

  • Anonymous

i need ,they version for this phone

  • Yves Magnus

I have htc one s from 2015 it was working good and properl but now it has sound system, what can I do to resolve it because I like my phone.

  • Anonymous

I have one since may 2013 and it still work better than many new dated phones. If i colud buy same new i would immediately do it just in in case i lose this one or some how it stop working. Its really great phone!

  • Szikid

i have one and it seem not working again after i charged and i was pressing it. The phone trep of and when i charge it hot like an iron. Pls is there any suggestion.

  • cleanmasterisfake

purelove, 08 Oct 2016Try an app called Cleanmaster! Tap "clean junk" and it dele... moreYou should understand that its all up to you cleanmaster is an app trying to make money off of adds they do nothing to your phone except add to all the storage and such.