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  • Thomas

Does this still come with beats Audio?

  • DiRetcho

Nice phone!
Can anyone tell me if the battery is removable???

  • Anonymous

Superamoled with 1,650mAh batt??

You will suffer the charger many times, especially if you do heavy browsing trust me, I've been there with galaxy S2..
And HTC is worse than samsung for battery reliability.

Show me decent battery like razr droid MAXX, HTC!

  • Anonymous

no fm radio wtf?

  • Latvian

No micro SD card slot? Waiting for SGS3 release then.

Or I should consider using OTG cable with USB flash stick and this phone...

  • AnonD-22198

AnonD-22198, 27 Feb 2012yeah, me too.. but i read somewhere mentioning that sd card is o... morefound it. but need to change the xxx and well u know spell the word phone­blame-for-sluggish-smartphone-performance-says-s­tudy_id26999/comments/page/1

  • AnonD-22198

Bob, 27 Feb 2012No SD Card Slot, Soo Disappointed! :(yeah, me too.. but i read somewhere mentioning that sd card is one of the causes of slow performance in smartphones. i'll post it here when i found the article back. i think it's in ph.arena

p/s: i'm not trying to spamming here! geez...

  • AnonD-22198

oh, it's here. I posted in htc ville. oh what the heck.

htc. checked!
ics. checked!
amoled. checked!(the most important to me)
4.3 inch. checked!
dual core.checked!
slim & compact.checked!
aluminum unibody. checked!

finally, i've found the upgrades for my desire s. it just bcoz of amoled though, if amoled in sensation xe, i would have taken it

  • Bob

No SD Card Slot, Soo Disappointed! :(

  • Draco

Great phone! Will be mine after it is reviewed. Very beautiful and super slim :) I like this unibody aluminum smart phone

  • Cesar.A.G

omg, t-mobile and HSPDA 850/1900 ??? no understand :s
t-mobile is 1700 HSPDA