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  • little rocker

It should be integrated with a front facing camera..............also release d metallic white colour soon

  • al

nice smartphone , not too big but still not that little i bet its going to be a little bit cheap.

  • anonymous

Very disappointed... The rumoured amoled screen have been replaced with a lcd screen, the dual core have been replaced with a single core... No front facing camera & no beats earpiece... Doesn't look good either, no sense 4.0 but 3.6 sighs I expected more from HTC, only good thing is that there is dual shutter and ice cream sandwich

  • mortuus

Ugly, looks like a reshashed Hero with better specs.

  • altgov3en

Jeez, why it is so Ugly? I thought it will be, at least as beautiful as Desire S, but no! I thought wrong. So disappointing!

  • Azhar

The specs do not mention the presence of a GPU. Does this phone possess a GPU or not. Please reply...i intend to buy it. Thanx in advance.

  • kishore

AnonD-6607, 27 Feb 2012This phone could be a success only hd it launches in 250$ p... moreAre you crazy? htc one at Rs 13000!Its not for India but Europe/USA.

  • iqbalz

hTC legend with different spec ? gimme a break.

  • haja

No front facing camera. very bad.

  • AnonD-6607

This phone could be a success only hd it launches in 250$ price tag unlocked that is around 13000 in India because nowadays 1ghz single core phones are being replaced by the quad core phones and also this is not the best phone that I have seen in terms of design so HTC price it properly or no one will buy it as Samsung galaxy ace 2 is coming with 800mhz dual core processor

  • AnonD-36731

That is way too tall for a 3.7 phone

  • Anonymous

Also, no FM Radio ???