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Perfect phone in every thing, except three things :
- The battery works perfectly during the first year at most, then it begins to deteriorate gradually and rapidly from 100% charging to 15% in less than half a day and continuous use for half an hour.
- Spare parts are in short supply and very expensive.
- When the outer protective glass of the main screen is broken, the main screen must be replaced completely with the protection glass (not sold as two separate pieces) even if the main screen is working 100%, The protection glass is not sold separately.

  • Devanshu

Phone Lock

  • Anonymous

Salam, 18 Jun 2020Battery life is very poor...Obviously a lot has improved in battery and mobile phone technologies over the last 5 yrs and this phone was good for its time, and still compares well for some of latest phones. Still reliable and unbreakable, although it now has issues sending and receiving mms

  • Benedict

Salam, 18 Jun 2020Battery life is very poor...Lyk how many hours does it use

  • Anonymous

Just think this smartphone is five years old ! look at this phone specification for five years a go !
CPU: 8 cores 2.2 GHz
Mobile Network: 4G
Display : Super LCD 400PPI
Camera: 13MP(real) with 4K video recording
Audio: Doubly stereo sound
Body : front gorila glass , back anodized aluminium
Battery : 3000mA
All of above just in mid range phone of HTC for 5 years ago I'm writing this with my HTC One X9 still excellent working and I just change battery and new original battery works fine just use one simcards and change network to Wi-Fi or 3G every where available to increase battery time , I get more than 5 hrs screen time on and 12 hrs calling time and just one charge a Day in this case

  • Salam

Battery life is very poor...

  • Alexander

Phone is very good, big storage, battery is ok but camera has stopped working, correctly isn't focusing is blurry. I don't know what to do, how to fix it?

  • Brijesh

Phone is good rear camera good and Dolby Theater mode awesone overall sound quality awesome.. but phone is old performance are not good ..bettrey drain fast .some time phone performance lack

  • Shaiban

M s husain, 15 Sep 2019This mobile is very nice.I m using this phone last three ye... moreThis handset never received an update. Not a single update. I am giving up HTC forever. Shame on HTC.

  • M s husain

This mobile is very nice.I m using this phone last three years,but problem is with battery from one year ago.Now I want to change my phone cause of only battery

  • Benva

I am using this mobile since july 2017, i have nothing issues with the phone so far but only thing is the battery this drains so fast far past few days and i am planing to change it....

  • Anonymous

This phone performance good but htc big problem not give updates this is an expensive model another company half price of this phone compare gives update & 2nd big problem have batteries not longer work

  • Lion

I've been using this phone for 2 years and 6 months. It's actually a good phone. I've had no issues with the camera like many others indicate, and it takes decent pictures. (Front camera sucks tho). HOWEVER, I've had serious issues with the battery. A couple of months ago the battery used to go from 50% to 15% in 1 hour. I bought a new battery on ebay, and it still does the same. Now this thing goes from 80% to 0% in 15 minutes of usage. I can see in the settings that Phone Idling uses most of the battery. I've installed many apps to try to combat this problem, nothing helped. I've reset the phone to factory settings to no avail. If this wasn't an issue, this phone would be amazing, and I would keep it for as long as it can go. But unfortunately I have to buy a new phone, because I can't rely on the battery at all.

I bought in 2016.. NO issue with any of the functions or surface. But, battery drains so quickly.... heating while charging..

  • kuma

this mobile I used for 2 years, but now its back camera is not working and showing AE & AF...suggested to replaced the camera and now its absolute

  • Kum

Aaksha, 06 Jun 2018Can any one please tell me if the software is updated will... moreS its true , me too having same problem of back camera blur, dnt knw y............

  • KUM

Its camera problem , after 1 1/2 year the Main - back camera not working , showing AE & AF Locked, when asked at repairing centre said the camera to be replaced .......

  • engineer

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2018It's the camera problem. Lost focusing and need to replacesame thing happen to my htc one x9 just after two year same problem ,, when i replace it at a fone repair shop they said the camera got burn ,,, i used a tough case and screen protector it was surprice to know that it didnt cracked

  • Anonymous

Aaksha, 06 Jun 2018Can any one please tell me if the software is updated will... moreIt's the camera problem. Lost focusing and need to replace

  • Anonymous

Aaksha, 06 Jun 2018Can any one please tell me if the software is updated will... morei faced the same problem :(