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HTC Radar

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  • MikhailES

SIM is full size, not mini.
This phone very robust in reception of signal, another pleasant feature - you could take photos by pressing button.

  • Emmanuel

I can't do anything with my HTC radar C110e except receiving and making calls please I need help

  • Emma

gud day,pls my HTC RADAR 4G,Can't access my simcard ,what would I do,pls me out

  • vixz

i could not do anything with my htc rader windows fhone please help me


please , i could not access the marketeplace on my phone so please help me out. and also i could not update my windows too

  • angadraj


  • Isaac

Please help me registered my number in whatsapp.

  • kiku

Pls help me register my number in whats app .

  • Lance

ashrad, 30 Nov 2016i have a problem i cant download any music from free websit... moreYou need to download a ZUNE software to connect the HTC Radar to your computer.

Here is the link:

  • ashrad

i have a problem i cant download any music from free websites and i have failed to connect it to my pc any help please

  • Anonymous

Tulash, 28 Mar 2015A mobile Phone cant be any worse in the planet in terms of ... moreYou do know this phone was released in 2011?? Technology 5 years ago is not the same as nowadays. I've been using this phone for 5 years too and am very content with it just being a simple phone.

  • Sylvester silver

Wathsapp problem sombody should help we pls

  • job

i have htc radar but the problem is whatsap whenever i try to register its recquire the first number it was registered with.anyone to coz its boring

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2016Hi please i need a new touch pad or touch pad and screen fo... morecheck **

  • Auphixy

choco, 01 Sep 2016Please someone should help,i just bought this phone htc rad... moreMe too and now am stranded and I dont know what to do even Bluetooth does not don't..but where is there headquarter?

  • choco

Please someone should help,i just bought this phone htc radar,when i downloaded whatsapp trying to do the setting it keeps telling me i should use the number first used for whatsapp on the phone but the phone is new.someone should kindly help me.or it doesn't support whatsapp.

  • Anonymous

Hi please i need a new touch pad or touch pad and screen for my HTC Radar C110E Phone please how much will it cost? urgent pls

  • AnonD-556996

This was my first phone on T-Mobile, when they were still under contracts. In fact it was what made me fall in love with HTC even though this ran Windows Phone 7 OS. I still love this phone under my wifi network. Windows Phone 7 was still the best in my opinion for the OS. The hardware on this phone made it so worth it, I dropped it and it never cracked the glass. This was a flawless phone in its time and still worth grabbing for it's awesome stuff and if you have a lower budget

  • maurice

how can i discover my doawnloaded items on this phone

  • eminencemayor

Pls can somebody teach how go about to phone,it can download app ,it notify me that the windows. Live is unavailable. Try again later pls. Help me am tired. Of the phone