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  • Yatin

AnonD-519857, 28 Mar 2016It's a really nice phone but the problem i have is that i a... moreDownload & install zune software in your PC & connect your HTC Radar with USB datacable to PC. Thats all required to transfer your data.

  • AnonD-519857

It's a really nice phone but the problem i have is that i am not able to transfer files through Bluetooth and any time I connect to PC, it only charges so i need your help, please. Thank you.

  • Jim

It's a nice phone, I use it over 3 years, anyone can help how to transfer this HTC Radar data to pc, I connect to pc, it only for charge, any setting I shall active?

  • El Esgual

This is the best phone ever! The only thing that was able to destroy it was my ex!!! The best

  • Bahalva

My son, this phone so much

  • Anonymous

Its been 4 years of using this great phone. No lag just like other silly android phone. Most recommended for simple user.

  • disgust user

This is undoubtedly the worst phone I ever owned the battery don't charge and I didn't even have it for a year.Also when I turn it off to try to charge it it comes right back on ,its just the worst phone ever.Would never buy another,

  • malcolm canmore

Terrible phone find it impossible to connect to computer. No more windows phones for me.

  • Anonymous

This was the best phone in the market in 2011, and still in 2015, I can't find a better substitute given its size, capabilities, apps integration and Microsoft Office, among others. Its Gorilla glass broke after thousands of falls when it hit a sharp rock. I will fix it since the only thing I found in the market was larger smartphones that do not have the features I need (e.g., LED flash and both front and back cameras). Of course, the specs that I need come in other brands and models at a heftier price. Why pay more?

  • cjosows

It's nothing super special however this phone is solid and does have things going for it.
First off it's one tough phone. I bought it used with a phone case and the phone fits in pocket nicely.
I recommend a phone case because the back of the phone is super slippery. I have dropped it numerous times, still surviving with no screen damage and everything working.
The camera is okay and I have on occasion taken some really good pictures, night or day, with it. The flash is super bright (so flashlight app is awesome).
For being so cheap the speakers are great along with the speaker phone.
Text and messaging with your social media platform is seamless. One screen for both, each labeled as to what they are.
One sign in screen for social media and email and everything falls into place. Uploading pictures to social media or email (your choice) is built right into the picture as soon as it's taken or even afterward.
This phone has the mango OS (7.5) but there are options available to update to 7.8 online with a little research which adds some features to the OS.
It will require Zune to be on you computer to transfer music/pictures directly. Battery life is good with a quick charge afterwards.
Overall for my first windows/HTC phone I am happy with it and am hesitant to go bigger.

  • Tulash

A mobile Phone cant be any worse in the planet in terms of using it. Absolutely the Rubbish, Never in my life will I buy any window phones.

  • ALEX

its the worst phone i have ever used. i was unable to download any thing on it. it keep up asking me an error code of 805ab406. more to that it does not send information on blue tooth


very wonderful phone

  • gitta denis

eddy, 10 Jan 2015I can't connect my Bluetooth headset to the phone. Help please.its a pretty nice phone,,,,,tho cant connect my bluetooth to others

  • swag

i cant seem to activate my market ,and i cant register windows live too ,,if i try with hotmail too it demands for codes ,,so i cant download any thing ,,please help me out

  • h.s

Can I update my phone to windows 8

  • milton higgs

idk, 27 Apr 2014How do you connect bluetooth to the htc radar have a problem with my microphone

  • eddy

I can't connect my Bluetooth headset to the phone. Help please.

  • BB

Tom, try pressing the power on/off button and the volume down at the same time, eventually it will shut the HTC Radar off and wait at least one minute which it should reset it.

Once this has happened check also if you have alot of pictures or music saved on the 8Gb internal memory and remove some because it is a Windows v7.5 phone it needs also internal memory to startup with, this I found also out the hard way, try and keep 2Gb free, this is when it runs at it's best.... had my HTC Radar for over 2yrs now and this is the only issue I had.

  • usman alam

can i use the htc radar as modem if yes tell me how please must reply me on