HTC ends poor year on a low note: revenues drop to lowest level in 13 years

Peter, 08 January 2018

HTC ended 2017 on a low note – December saw revenues of NTD 4.02 billion or $136 million dollars. That’s a sharp drop of 29% compared to November and an even worse 37.3% compared to December 2016. Note: this are unaudited numbers.

The HTC U11+, which might have been Google’s Pixel 2 XL in another life, went on sale in December but did not help to reverse HTC’s downward trajectory.

2017 was a poor year for the long-time smartphone maker. Its total revenue for the year was NTD 62.12 billion ($2.1 / €1.8 billion), the lowest number in the last 13 years. That was back in the O2 XDA era!

Monthly Consolidated Revenues (In NT$ million)
2017 2016 MoM Change YoY Change
January 4,665 6,477 -27.18% -27.98%
February 4,669 4,200 0.09% 11.17%
March 5,197 4,144 11.30% 25.41%
April 4,714 5,751 -9.29% -18.03%
May 4,531 6,753 -3.89% -32.91%
June 6,891 6,358 52.10% 8.38%
July 6,194 6,319 -10.11% -1.97%
August 3,001 6,579 -51.56% -54.39%
September 6,510 9,332 116.95% -30.24%
October 6,064 8,172 -6.86% -25.79%
November 5,663 7,670 -6.61% -26.16%
December 4,020 6,406 -29.02% -37.25%
Total 62,120 78,161 -20.52%

Although HTC has been reporting declining revenue on an yearly basis the last six months, a bright beam of light shined upon the manufacturer in December. A deal worth $1.1 billion between HTC and Google was approved by the Taiwanese anti-trust regulators and the deal can be completed in 2018.

HTC gave Google access to intellectual properties and some of the hardware team in order to develop the next Pixel devices and VR products. The deal could bring HTC’s hopes in making a comeback to the US market that is currently dominated by Samsung and Apple.

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-696124
  • 10 Jan 2018
  • ix9

lol I totally agree

  • AnonD-696124
  • 10 Jan 2018
  • ix9

the htc 11 was plagued with a poor screen, poor audio output and poor build quality (jerryrig) confirms it. HTC tries too hard to innovate liek the sequeze feature but other OEM just does it better. HTC should try not to innovate, bring us flagsh...

Marketing is something they have needed to do generally speaking. As for U 11, whilst I don't own one, the reviews as a daily driver were excellent. Our business is still using HTC One A9. Classy, fast and beautiful to hold as it was one day one. No ...

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