HTC S620

HTC S620

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  • manni

aka tmobile dash &hearts

  • rpm

I've had this phone for just a over a month. It has a lot of good features, although you there are some cons. You can't edit microsoft office( i think that's just smartphone standard for now),but you can view it. When you add programs to the device, beware that you lose memory and some programs when you uninstall it, it won't do a complete uninstallment because you'll still see a blank icon of the program on the menu so you have to hard reset it(this a windows mobile problem). The good thing is the texture of the cover material, you can sorta wash off the marks on it and has a good grip. I believe this phone is a good investment for people who are looking for a practical pda and long endurance... Could someone explain to me what skype is please?

  • 1975

I have it for a few weeks and it is really much better than anything blackberry has. Very useful. Get it.

  • Dave

Regardsing all the comments about Skype not working, Skype only released a MS Smartphone-compatible version of Skype (Skype for Windows Mobile 2.2 Beta) a couple of days ago so it is unsurprising you have all failed to get it working, since you were presumably trying to install the PocketPC 2.1 version, which is not compatible with the S620.

  • dokdok

any body knows if this phone support arabic applications or not?
please urgent response

  • Pels

Very practical.Works very well.Easier to use (phone)than Qtek9000. Only minus is the tasks functions that are very limited.The rest is very good.VGood PDA/phone.

  • p

I haven't work with it yet i have HTC2125 smarthphone but for the first guy that posted a comment, you need to establish a bluetooth connection between your PDA and laptop or desktop don't matter.Step two is going to and download small program called Transend and then you can dowload everything straight from the net or your computer/ all with bluetooth connection/
P.S. and you might want to sync your PDA w/ the computer ActiveSync

  • Rafhael

Ok this phone is making me go postal how in the heck do you download real/ true ringtones .Every where I go their is never this phone in any of the models lol ya 2 smart phone

  • Weezy J Baby

i juss got this phone its small for a pda smartphone nd its easy to carry around in your pocket only thing is that it does not come wit a case from tha company...guess gonna have to buy a no name brand one..or i can wait lol :) other wise the phone is numba one for pda phones i have had so far.. 2 thumbs up !!!!

  • Rich

Does anyone know how to get more themes added to this phone besides blue and red. On Window's Mobile website they show orange, green, black and more but know way to download to your DASH, if anyone has had luck please info!!


  • T

what about the size. Is it easy to carry around in your pocket?

  • Lace

HTC S620 or DASH

This phone is very good. Keeps every call clear and signal strong all over. Not to many flaws, everything is a plus. I have the Pearl and Dash, prefer the Dash. You dont even know its in your hand or in your pocket its that light.

  • furrina

That has got to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen. I keep trying to get around this but just can't...

  • Anonymous

does anybody know or have any experiences regarding standby and talk time? I'm actually using a treo 650 and since I did'n find another pda with a talk time of appr 6h, i will not chance it.
thanks for your help

  • Stanley Hardwick

Update to my previous comments...

I got WiFi working without any problems by fiddling with the power settings. I basically turned off all the power saving features so WiFi stays connected unless I turn it off manually.

Though Skype won't install I found a similar product called Woize that installs and works, though it's buggy. It's still in beta testing so that's to be expected.

I also found a java based SSH client that works (though it also has some problems) called MidpSSH.

All in all I'm having a great time playing with this smartphone. I expect that as Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphones grow in popularity there will be more applications ported to them.

  • kin jong

u cannot use skype becuz phone operators are blocking voip transfers under their networks becuz its just too cheap comparing to they taxes its a crime against our rights.

  • Anonymous

hi kst, u mentioned u installed skype. i hv problems installing. and also sms threader, i doesnt work. care to share how u did it?

  • Stanley Hardwick

I got one yesterday and like it a lot, but I'm disappointed about a few things.

First, WiFi is difficult to get connected somtimes, even when I'm right next to the WAP. But once connected it seems okay. Honestly it could be the WAP too, because it's new and untested with other devices.

I had high hopes of using PocketPuTTY but it didn't work. The keyboard won't type any special characters when using it and the keys with numbers type only the numbers and not the letters. If I had done more research I would have found that it doesn't work with many devices yet (including most smartphones, I think) so I should have known better.

I expected to be able to use Skype but it won't install.

Other than that it's pretty nice. E-mail works pretty well, audio quality is good--I don't have a bluetooth headphone yet--and though the keyboard is a little tricky to use I think it's pretty good for the size.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if office files such as word or excel can be edited on this phone or any other mobile device? thanks

  • kst

got one today. was able to install skype and it worked!!! just some tweaking. managed to install sms threader... now its like a treo and much better... it is thinner and smaller without any compromise on the keypad size.... kudos!