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HTC S620

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  • brian t

Got myself one of these this week, from Expansys (UK):

Keyboard is much better than I had hoped - the buttons have raised tops, they do not feel that cramped.

Basically needs a PC to load it with stuff:
- Windows Media Player to sync MP3s etc (conversion from MP3 to WMA is not needed). Phone socket is non-standard, so I took a chance on a i-Tech Bluetooth stereo headset (A2DP). Sound in great, though I've found it best to keep the phones on full and control volume on the HTC, otherwise there is clipping.
- Mobipocket is good for ebooks etc., screen makes reading a pleasure
- No note-taking application is supplied, but I'm using M$ Office 2007 (beta), it includes OneNote PC,which prompted me to install OneNote Mobile installed on the HTC - does the job great.

No spreadsheet included, still looking for a decent scientific calculator (trying Orneta)
Games so far: Birdsoft All-In Hold'Em (poker), Smoresoft Sudoku, iSS Invaders (free via Microsoft).

It's a keeper IMHO, and I haven't even set up GPRS yet, just WiFi.

  • Peter

Checked their europe website from the FAQ section there it seems to be capablle for Skype. However anyone spoted how much this gadjet will cost?
P.S. there are plenty of non Skype VoIP who promise to deliver on 200Mhz mobile CPUs.

  • harryc

Hey does anybody know the maximum amount of memory this will read?

  • Chris

Skype downlaod page states that so long as the CPU is 400MHz and above, Skype for mobile would then be suitable. It seems that the S620 has only CPU of 200MHz. Am I right about this? Does it mean that Skype for mobile is not compatible with the S620. I am presently using HTC TyTn and Skype for mobile has performed quite well thus far.

Would anyone care to advise me or comment on this? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

yeah so this pic looks a little diff. the outline/background around screen and keyboard looks white instead of silver but prob just light silver. anyway it was funny when this first came out that ppl though it got wider at the keyboard but that is just design illusion caused by that whitish silver background material.

anyway the wifi is great but no 3g and its not worth getting any smart or pda phone that doesn't have 3g anymore since there are plenty of phones and carriers that do now.

cool that you mentioned that Asus p525 phone. Asus is the best laptop maker but none of the phone seem to be that great. that one is cool but no 3g so nah.

tmob is getting this phone as the tmob dash.

i'll be waiting for the samsung i607 with hsdpa on cing for my Q killer but the i607 doesnt' have wifi and it was rumored that the gsm Q will.

  • wildklymr

This this has a 200MHz Texas Instruments Omap Processor when is a different class than the Intel processors, so comparing MHz between Intel and TI wont work, but I do like Intel processors better anyway

  • tmo's crystal

so t-mobile just set us up with these...the keys are fine for typing, but sometimes i have problems with the phone in bluetooth mode overall i love it!

  • patel

this thing can't be better than Samsung SGH i320 as this thing runs on 2ooMHz and the i320 runs on Intel 416MHz. The only advantage of hving this over i320 is the Wi-Fi support which the i320 doesn't have. Also take a look at this guy ASUS P525. Cool!! Phone and PDA not smartphone. I hate smartphone as I want touch screen in the smartphone but i'm still waiting but with ASUS P525 it's done. It's cool pocket pc phone in the size of a smartphone.

  • audrey

the difference between this and 720? is this also call excalibur?

  • mike

this device would be difficult to type with in my opinion. if you look real closely at the device you will notice that there is hardly any space between the buttons. thus typing will make the qwerty keyboard somwhat useless.

  • Phil

Read the post:

TI OMAP 850, 200 Mhz processor

  • Anonymous

Any one know what the processor on this one is?

  • LL Dru32

You think I would be able to use Blackberry Carrying Cases for this device????

  • Phil

I've seen this phone in person...amazingly small and feels good in the hands. The one i saw was all black. Blackberry Killer

  • LL Dru32 notes that T-Mobile and Unlocked Version of the S620 will be released in October 06'

  • Fievel Cent

This phone is a ugly, but I hope it kills the Q

  • Anonymous

HTC is the real deal

  • Anonymous

Ha Ha . . . all d kids want to ditch d service provider and use SKYPE . . . only with windows mobile?

  • fangs1111

not a bad lookin phone but it reminds me too much of a blackberry, its got the same kinda shape but otherwise a cool lookin phone

  • ijustcrappedmypants

desing really attractive (for this kind of phone), best ive seen.