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  • bujangan

i'm sorry, android 2.4 (gingerbread???).
gingerbread is 2.3

  • Anonymous

Android OS, v2.4 (Gingerbread)
is not gingerbread but ice cream

  • Anonymous

A true cheap gimmick!!! htc come on, is that really the best you can do? Question: does it have built in FB Chat - coz if it doesn't, how can they call it a Facebook dedicaed fone. Actually I'd have though twitter much more suited to this and more in need of its own button. twitter posts are more " spur of the moment"

  • oz

seriously....."facebook" button on that beautiful aluminium body.....what the hell were they thinking....i mean....i know facebook is the biggest thing right now....but why a hardware key....just put it inside as a one touch button or just messed up the whole look.....

  • Anonymous

stupid and ugly approach with the fb button. it just makes a good phone looks ugly! there's already an fb app, they can just put it on their homescreen. i know that nowadays ppl love fb, but i don't think that they're that lazy to scroll back to the homescreen to tap on the app, just 2 clicks if they're on other page or app.

with what you have shown in the area of weather is great already. they can just tap there and go straight to fb. with the button, it just looks soooooo ugly! i know i wouldn't buy it just because of the fb button!

  • nasDiemx

to sum this phone up. mini Legend with faceBook dedicated key :{

  • Vin777

Seems legend but with facebook on it( aluminium unibody ) Seems swell. Specs doesnt matter it probably will be cheap. Nice one xD

A phone with a dedicated Facebook button... Interesting.

  • ed

by far one of the worst names you could give to a mobile device. And you thought that the htc tattoo was a joke...

  • asd

is this facebook phone??

  • bilt

lengend 2? mmmmm