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  • Anonymous

when u download whatsap it keeps telling mi parse error how should I download It pls

  • krishna

htc c510e link my mobile is gone,then send link, my mob. number 7049385767

  • menni

memory is terrible... gosh

  • AnonD-377355

nasDiemx, 15 Feb 2011to sum this phone up. mini Legend with faceBook dedicated key :{How to renew my htc salsa 510e

  • AnonD-377355

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2011There is a great problem of internal memory.really intern... moreTha internal memory is suck so that my phone not switch on

  • AnonD-377355


  • AnonD-377355

victim, 29 Nov 2014I've used HTC salsa for about one and a half years now. It'... moreHow to flash because it not switch on

  • AnonD-377355

Eliezeri I need your help to flash my phone not switch on

  • AnonD-377355

How to flash my phone

  • AnonD-377355

I need to Flash online

  • Eliezeri Kimath

Ineed your help to flash my phone because was not swich on

  • victim

I've used HTC salsa for about one and a half years now. It's been a terrible experience. Like everyone has already pointed out ,it has incredibly low internal storage. It can't support more than, at the most, two large apps(like whatsapp, viber, Kik, instagram etc.) and a few smaller apps. You try to put any more apps in it and it crashes.
Also, the Facebook button at the bottom is useless. It doesn't work. Like at all. So much for being a Facebook phone.
I won't complain about the battery because more or less all smart phones suck a lot of power so..
The back camera is okay, the front camera however is a whole different story.
In short, don't buy this phone if you have a choice. I'm stuck with it 'cause I can't afford to buy a new one for another year. But please, listen to me and save yourself the misery.

  • aaqib

can you plzzzzzz upgrade its internal memory........ otherwise this mobile is one of a kind

  • Anonymous

storage space is too little and you cant put many applications on it. o.s can not be upgraded meaning peep and facebook cant be upgraded as well which is a total bummer. im really disappointed in this phone!

  • suren

nice design but other worst.

  • dia

i use this phone but the internal memory space is low

  • thala selva

what special on this phone compare to samsung

  • anil

evil, 12 Aug 2013is that true the worst thing in salsa is its internal memoryYa internal memory of salsa is very power i only download two or three software after that message come that your internal memory is low .

  • Rashid iqbal

my opinion is dont buy this phone.i used this phone for 6 months its internal memory is only 150mb. poor battery life skype video call yahoo video call is'nt supported on this device. this phone is a pice of im using samsung galaxy sII 16gb its the best phone i have ever seen.

  • AnonD-264997

the in built memory is just around 150mb... whereas the mentioned value 512mb is not provided.. is there any solution for this???? and the mobile gets so hot!!!