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  • filip

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2014I've had this phone for a year now, and it has been a bad e... morethat phone have my girlfriend, it's the worst phone i ever seen. the battery life now is 4 hour. it can be root. rubish

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for a year now, and it has been a bad experience.
It just progressively got worse. For starters, the internal memory is only 512 MB, and though it can be expanded, I wasn't able to do so for quite some time and had to keep deleting pictures and videos to accommodate ONE application.
The button devoted to Facebook is crap. It works fine for a few weeks, then it crashes and the link appears to be "broken". This is apparently a common problem.
The phone gets VERY hot. Burning hot, on just some use. The battery life has been reduced to 3-4 hours when I use only one app.
The touch-screen is not responsive,the keys gets numb all the time, the camera/video quality is terrible..
And its no longer compatible with a bunch of apps!
I am getting a new phone, never going to HTC again. I had a terrible experience.

  • Anonymous

plz add other languages like Marathi,Gujarati

  • karan

Pros- Upgradeable to 4.2.2

Cons- Slow, Low internal memory

  • Anonymous

can i use skype or video call pleas tell which software should i download for video call

  • sheethal kumar

Mohsin, 06 Feb 2014still i have u want it Yes in want it can i get

  • Mohsin

AnonD-224008, 14 Jan 2014I miss this phone very badly...still i have u want it

  • viky

its so boring

  • AnonD-224008

I miss this phone very badly...

  • AnonD-223606

jhk, 16 Aug 2013hi, i bought this phone 3 months ago, did a huge mistake, s... more1st update your Facebook from play store there is a update for Facebook then you can use f button to use it successful & give you a advice it's a worst phone everrr

  • wam

first android phone,and its bad.

  • Engr. suneel

askar, 10 Nov 2013htc salsa is not supporting video call on skype and other s... moreU download Tango software this just like Skype get video calling easily on Tango.... enjoy vid calling......

  • AnonD-214696

update the htc salsa c510e

  • lul

My first smartphone ... and what i can tell u is ... it is the worst ever smrtphone tht htc was made up .. seriously

  • Srinivas rachakonda

This phone really sucks...!!
1.internal memory is very low..
2.some time we cant transfer the downloaded apps to SD memory.
3.Earlier the touch screen was good after few months the touch became "Dont touch me " its not responding some times i cant even take the call.
4.It becomes Hot as and when i speaks with some one.

  • Ksketches

AnonD-174415, 11 Aug 2013this handset doesn't support any games whenever i install a... moreWhat games did u download ?

  • AnonD-205065

htc salsa not supported video call on skype

  • askar

htc salsa is not supporting video call on skype and other software sombady can help me

  • tezzzy

Dis phone does get hot when used a lot but I have a lot of memory on it I can take over 10,000 pix using my 2gb SD card n my games and apps work perfectly I like it

  • RAZI

it is a good set