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SWILLY, 09 May 2016where do i find this phone?ebay

  • Rick

SWILLY, 09 May 2016where do i find this phone?Its discontinued

  • Anonymous

my HTC snap is not working. The problem is that it has no network


where do i find this phone?

  • +447031995808

How can i configure it with ? guys please help.

  • phartees

how much so i can b happy if this my phone can download whatapp, bbm, 2go, facebook and so on...... i cant even upload pictures on my facebook, 2go nd so on.... please what can i do ooooooooooo

  • Anonymous

kikie, 03 Mar 2015its a good phone but i have a problem deleting music on fil... morefirst delete that particular song on ur Windows Media Library the u can delete it on ur File Explore/SD card.

  • Kgothatso Masuku

I'm one of the HTC snap s521 users and I enjoy using it but the problem is I can't download any application plc help me guys

  • kikie

its a good phone but i have a problem deleting music on files, pls help me.

  • amanda miranda maqon

Am also using htc snap I can't download anything I don't know what's happening I need help asap it tells me about applications that I need to download I would like to get help soon ...

  • neczy

ssev Haatims, 30 Aug 2014where can i download whatsapp with my htc snap s521. Guys h... morehw do I download whatsapp on d HTC snap s521

  • Anonymous

is the htc snap compatable with public mobile?

  • wyk

its has good camera bt hw do i go up to send messsage

  • Anonymous

how can i rehinstal my HTC Snap? you can send it by message to facebook (armel elysee)think you.

  • Anonymous

wise one, 13 Jun 2013Is ok fast browsing, durable, my problem nos 1 that htc sna... moreY cnt it download watsapp

  • ssev Haatims

where can i download whatsapp with my htc snap s521. Guys help me with a direct link.

  • krimzy

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2013How do i reset this phone back to it's factory settings??go to clear storage in accessries

  • Anonymous

This phone isn't a normal chatter box, or whatsup box. This phone is totally a business phone equipped to handle windows 6.1 version, equivalent to windows 7..etc. Accept it. It is a mini PC and not a phone although it is capable to handle any feature of a phone.It is mini PC and nothing else.

  • tarek

snap user, 05 Apr 2013This phone is pretty awesome just that its track ball sucks... moreyou can clean with %100 alcohol, you can get it from any pharmacy, put 1-2 drops of it on the track- ball, then move it to different direction.
use blow dryer gently until the alcohol evaporate, it should work. I tried before and it did work great, I also used with the buttons as well.

  • sammie

developer should do sumtin about this. the is useless applications and games