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HTC Snap

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  • Anonymous

why cant it support watsapp

  • Anonymous

How do i reset this phone back to it's factory settings??

  • modesty

me, 17 Sep 2011just keep roling the track ball it will eventully catch gri... morei cant download app with dis fone y

  • flexzi

how can i make it android to do whatsapp

  • thapz

My problem with my HTC snap is I dnt knw wt happend 2 my camera because I can't find it on my folders

  • AnonD-169767

With care it is possible to open it up and remove the 4-roller assembly under the track ball. I haven't tried cleaning one yet (I have a couple of spare phones, one opened for spare parts) but I'm making a couple of assumptions: it should be possible to 'blow' any dust out of the roller and track ball assemblies, or maybe even use a light cleaning fluid, like meths plus, I would keep the roller orientation the same, in case left and right become something different.

  • coyness

it cool but when the trackball gets dirty its a big problem cleaning it
and also i have a problem:the bottons will get too hard to push after some time!!1
does anyone know how to solve this problem???

  • wise one

Is ok fast browsing, durable, my problem nos 1 that htc snap can not access 2go why, and nos 2 where can i download applications and games on my htc snap phone thank you

  • yemmy24

highly sophisticated

  • nass2009

AnonD-135979, 15 Apr 2013i can i upgrade from windows6.1 to windows 6.5.where can i ... morehow do i download an application for this phone pls?

  • pero

the only problem with this phone is just the support from HTC,
actually there is no good support from HTC, seems they through a product and left it as is.

  • Anonymous

This phone freezes. Don't go near it. I went for HTC name and suffered. It has no resale. In short a junk.

  • AnonD-135979

i can i upgrade from windows6.1 to windows 6.5.where can i also download application for my can emil me at

  • snap user

This phone is pretty awesome just that its track ball sucks once its not working

  • kkrjangeles

is this fone is still available ? can anyone rate this 1-10, 10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest ? thx !

  • Anonymous

this fone iz great but i cant download whatsapp...y.

  • Cre

How much is it in south africa?

  • rocky

wofa, 22 Dec 2012how can i download what aap since htc is a window phone and... morehave the same problem too

  • Anonymous

does not support whatsup why


cant download most applications wt the phone y