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  • inam
  • 6Qk
  • 21 Feb 2014

mobile is a good but its price very high

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    • Anonymous
    • 0fT
    • 07 Feb 2014

    impessa, 31 May 2013i bought this cel one month ago. the internal memory is a v... moreYour English is a lot better than most of the people who posted. Congratulations.

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      • AnonD-230431
      • 8%e
      • 04 Feb 2014

      Anonymous, 03 Dec 2013This phone is a piece of crap. So many internal memory stor... moreYes, its a real ass pain that always has space issues.
      I corrected this doing the following (applies to all android phones with limited internal memory)
      1) ROOT the device (yes, otherwise noway and please stop reading), this is done by searching at google for the paricular method thad will work on the device.
      2) PARTITION the uSD external memory. The SD by default has only one FAT partition. Then, we must resize this partition for leave some free space (I guess at least 1 GB min). Then make a new EXT2 partition (whit this new fee space).
      3) Install "Link2SD" app from the Google Play Store, When launch the app, this will recognize the EXT2 partition, just confirm that the type is ext2 and...
      4) Done!, Move all the apps that actually resides in the internay memory (or create links, also free space). All the new apps that you install, will be automatically linked or moved to external SD automatically!!


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        • Anonymous
        • 4$C
        • 03 Dec 2013

        This phone is a piece of crap. So many internal memory storage issues. It's so bad I can't even download any apps whatsoever. Even pulling up one webpage on the browser causes storage issues. I cannot wait to get rid of this thing for something that's not completely worthless.

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          • Anonymous
          • Nre
          • 17 Nov 2013

          Can HTC chacha be connected with projector

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            • Anonymous
            • fsT
            • 06 Oct 2013

            nonny, 26 Aug 2013Plz guy. Bought new HTC status cos I want to share the inte... moreCheck the back of ur internet router,u will see the password there.

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              • prinx kenzo
              • f0G
              • 04 Oct 2013

              I cannot download up to 10 applications on my fone even when I have enough space on my memory card. I want to know why, and its solution.

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                • nnamo
                • N9@
                • 14 Sep 2013

                pls my phone is usually hot/very hot whenever am oparating it, is it normal? if no, how do i stop the hotness to save my phone?

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                  • nonny
                  • fuN
                  • 26 Aug 2013

                  Plz guy. Bought new HTC status cos I want to share the internet onh my Samsung tab. But while trying to c configure the WiFi hotspot and turn it on. It keeps asking for the wireless password which I don't hv. How can I get it turned on?the wireless password is not in the manual

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                    • AnonD-62763
                    • K6m
                    • 24 Aug 2013

                    u can flash it's rom with custom rom like SuperOSR or CM7 to get a better benefit of hTC Chacha,it might go a day.. and the main problem of hTC is dialer takes a lot of bsttery energy that's why first tym my handset also standed for merely 5-6 hours

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                      • ij
                      • fsV
                      • 19 Aug 2013

                      the battry of my htc status does not last long why?

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                        • fancyjones
                        • fmg
                        • 11 Aug 2013

                        can something be done about the browsing speed because mine is always on edge (E) even at places where the network is suppose to be 3G

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                          • dhruv baghel
                          • Y}K
                          • 01 Aug 2013

                          What kind of trouble you get to make you say it is junk. Please tell us so that what defines a junk phone

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                            • ADIL
                            • u7F
                            • 29 Jul 2013

                            may i use viber & skype in status???

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                              • AnonD-168969
                              • Nkr
                              • 25 Jul 2013

                              This is the best Qwerty phone that i've ever bought, nice look, curvy design, and metal body...
                              The only 2 bad points abt this are the low internal memory which limits the downloaded apps, and the battery later drains quickly...
                              Other than this, it's quiet good for typing and portable GPS navigation.

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                                • AnonD-168969
                                • Nkr
                                • 25 Jul 2013

                                jenny, 12 Jun 2013Htc how can i get screen shots on this htc status? I really... moreBy pressing the power button+Home button the same time ...

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                                  • Gabi
                                  • 85s
                                  • 23 Jul 2013

                                  fancyjonesgh, 01 Jun 2013my htc status is the best andriod device av use so far,i ha... moreHow can I install a rom? Thanks.

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                                    • AnonD-146117
                                    • nye
                                    • 10 Jul 2013

                                    A facebook button, really? A facebook button?

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                                      • nunes
                                      • fm%
                                      • 09 Jul 2013

                                      hi. i have one and he have a radio...

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                                        • Drealklique77
                                        • ftV
                                        • 27 Jun 2013

                                        Is this phone be upgraded to jelly bean?, does it support whatsapp ?