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  • ut9
  • 23 Jun 2013 usin chacha 4m one n half year ! it was great in d startin..but started givin troubles later on.. The battery is too weak tat yu use d phone fa 1 hour continous n d battery is half gone , yu listen ta 10 songs in the stretch n the battery comes ta 25 % !!
THE MOST IMP thing is.. yu wont get d original parts...n even though yu get almost cost d same as a new htc phone.. My display got damaged n i hav been searchin fa d original parts fa 20 days..n wen i get it.. it cost 8 k jus fa the display !! so i jus throwed the fone away n buyed a new 1 !! well... it was d nicest n cool phone i ever had !! stil recommends not ta go wid htc !

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    • Humiechorii
    • fuZ
    • 18 Jun 2013

    Fantastic 4n...smthn wrng on has a fantastic fm radio wch z not amng the spec.ordr..great 4n blv me!!

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      • butlex
      • fmv
      • 17 Jun 2013

      hw can i upgrade to jelly bean

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        • Don Nanzua
        • fsT
        • 15 Jun 2013

        Norosky, 03 Apr 2013what is the diference between status and chacha?I think chacha is the best....infact i dont just think but i totally agree. Status has a network problem and you need to work on it. The internet connection goes out whenever it pleases and i have to always do manuel connection anytime i want to visit the internet and even sometime in the middle of browsing the network can disconect and i have to close browser to reconnect again. This sucks

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          • jenny
          • fsT
          • 12 Jun 2013

          Htc how can i get screen shots on this htc status? I really dont know where

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            • Anonymous
            • 63$
            • 03 Jun 2013

            ercelan , 23 Jul 2012this set is very fine with elegant interface and the shape ... moreTnks fo da info..:)

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              • fancyjonesgh
              • fmg
              • 01 Jun 2013

              my htc status is the best andriod device av use so far,i have about twenty apps on it
              (instagram,twitter,pin interest,tumblr,adobr reader etc)the only problem i have is the inabiility to use the 3G NETWORK)if you are facing problems with the internal memory.first root ur device,secondly install a custom rom and third partition your sd card.thnx

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                • impessa
                • 8EH
                • 31 May 2013

                Anonymous, 29 Mar 2013please is Htc status compatible for instagram?yes, it is

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                  • impessa
                  • 8EH
                  • 31 May 2013

                  Norosky, 03 Apr 2013what is the diference between status and chacha?it´s the same, the name was changed for some countries

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                    • impessa
                    • 8EH
                    • 31 May 2013

                    i bought this cel one month ago. the internal memory is a very serious problem. solution: what i´ve done is to root the cell so i could move apps to external memory. sorry for my english, im from argentina

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                      • bizkhid
                      • fsT
                      • 29 May 2013

                      too much problems on internal memory please dont buy at&t version it is shit

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                        • romtek
                        • 2ID
                        • 25 May 2013

                        do not buy this model, apps installation is very very limited, due to internal limited space provided.

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                          • emrone
                          • NHH
                          • 21 May 2013

                          i need a user manual 4 ma htc status how can i get it online pliz coz i cant use ma phone right now

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                            • AnonD-147072
                            • 8D8
                            • 19 May 2013

                            Anonymous, 13 May 2013I'm from New Zealand and I would to buy it, but I don't whe... moreToo many problems handling internal memory, don't buy it.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • vp7
                              • 13 May 2013

                              I'm from New Zealand and I would to buy it, but I don't where to buy one,does anyone know where to buy it?

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                                • drizzy
                                • ftV
                                • 07 May 2013

                                Wana buy it,but what does it look like.

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                                  • sg
                                  • Gfv
                                  • 06 May 2013

                                  Bakhshi, 16 Jan 2013hey any body know how to delete notificatins from htc statu... morescroll from the top of the screen down and use the options app/button it will give u option of deleting or u might see the clear list tab on the right hand top corner.

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                                    • AFSRAN
                                    • sUv
                                    • 05 May 2013

                                    Good set but slower and battery should be more powered.

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                                      • mikeyNC81
                                      • YYG
                                      • 05 May 2013

                                      how to block a number? thanks!

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                                        • bubbi1409
                                        • Re2
                                        • 05 May 2013

                                        bizkit, 02 May 2013why can't i use my own ringtones for my incoming calla exce... moreyea i have to dwnload an app to cut my songs for ringtones