HTC ThunderBolt 4G

HTC ThunderBolt 4G

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  • Iwantbobux
  • snP
  • 29 Sep 2020

Cellphone, more like hellphone

    Anonymous, 06 Sep 2018Are you joking, you ordered a device 7½ years after ... moreThunderbolt is still a great phone in 2018 and really built for multimedia entertainment, such as Tunein radio via Wifi. That huge speaker on backside really booms with that kickstand !

      Anonymous, 06 Sep 2018Are you joking, you ordered a device 7½ years after ... moreTo the "Anonymous" on Sep 06 2018 ... you were quite rude to Her_Day_Tune_G, lots of folks have many reasons to buy discontinued phones that are several years old. I looked it up, in the part of the world that person lives, cells networks are quite a step behind North America and still firmly grounded in 2G & 3G technology, they are only beginning to make headway into rolling out 4G in their larger cities, so such a phone as a Thunderbolt still makes very good sense for persons in that country. Know the facts before you post.

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        • Anonymous
        • vGk
        • 06 Sep 2018

        Her_Day_Tune_G, 12 May 2018I just ordered for this device but my sim does not work on ... moreAre you joking, you ordered a device 7½ years after its launch??? LMAO!!!!

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          • Her_Day_Tune_G
          • x0x
          • 12 May 2018

          I just ordered for this device but my sim does not work on it. Any hint/help on how to go about it will be appreciated. I'm in Nigeria

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            • emily
            • Y2P
            • 01 Apr 2017

            Honestly, this was the slowest phone I have ever owned. I've had my fair share of "budget phones" from Straight Talk and the like, and this one was the only one I've wanted to slam against a wall out of frustration. I had even factory reset it and re-installed less than 10 apps, and it was so sluggish and unusable I just gave up on it and bought a new one. I don't know how this has good reviews, seriously.

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              • Anonymous
              • S0u
              • 09 Dec 2016

              i have htc thunder bolt model number ADR6400L but how can i unlock it sim card please advise me?

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                • Anonymous
                • 7Eb
                • 31 Mar 2016

                Five years old and still runs like brand new. Don't ya miss the days before planned obsolescence!! Most of my new phones have died out after a little over a year, and everytime I reactivate my Thunderbolt before getting a new phone! :-)

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                  • TJ
                  • 4Kg
                  • 19 Jan 2016

                  "It's not your dream phone, its the one after that" I love my TB. so sad I had to upgrade because the Sirius app wouldn't work with Gingerbread 2.3.4, otherwise I would still be using it. ICS absolutely ruined this phone, to the point I broke it on the ground but I still have my Gingerbread TB to use for a backup.

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                    • thunderbolt user
                    • psS
                    • 05 Dec 2015

                    this is a great phone
                    i can play high games like gta sa , gta vc, modern combat 2,3,4 , six guns , nova 3, need for speed most wanted, shadow gun , dues ex , fifa 14, fifa 13,fifa 12 , gangstar rio , gangstar vegas (low settings) , crazy taxi , gt racing 2 , asphalt 6,7,8 , and critical ops
                    now iam going to try brothers in arms 3 and modern combat 5
                    this phone a good battery life and a great camera , i loved this phone and i wish if htc is going to launch thunderbolt 2

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                      • Anonymous
                      • LBH
                      • 31 May 2015

                      i have one here in guyana but too bad i never knew that it only works with verizon/sprint :) But the Phone is Pretty COOL

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                        • AnonD-387327
                        • KLT
                        • 17 Apr 2015

                        its not your dream phone, it's beyond it.
                        still love my thunderbolt, pretty kicking ass with sturdy kickstand :D

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                          • Anonymous
                          • D}{
                          • 22 Jan 2015

                          Hello Is This device operates on the GSM network in northern Iraq?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • kJ4
                            • 28 Dec 2014

                            AG, 18 Nov 2014CDMA restricts phone to verizon or sprint networks or a MVN... moreAre you saying that if there is no sim card in this phone I can use it on a 3g network automatically?

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                              • AG
                              • kj}
                              • 18 Nov 2014

                              janith, 23 Mar 2014its possible to use any sim?? how can i unlock it?/CDMA restricts phone to verizon or sprint networks or a MVNO that uses the CDMA networks.

                              You can only buy a 4G LTE SIM for Verizon or Sprint for this phone otherwise no SIM card is used or needed and you will be automatically on the 3G network.

                              Unlock a phone following YouTube video or pay a local reputable cell phone repair shop to handle it.
                              If you have a Sprint phone & want Verizon THEN IF same phone is being used by Verizon sometimes you can find a bored Verizon tech to unlock and/ or flash a 3G phone so it will also work on 4G LTE network with a Verizon SIM.

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                                • AG
                                • kj}
                                • 18 Nov 2014

                                chichi, 12 Feb 2014how can i unlock it and use it in another carrier?You can purchase 2 types of phones

                                CDMA which work for Verizon and Sprint I believe


                                GSM which work for T-Mobile, AT&T and internationally.

                                First you need to buy the phone for the network you need.
                                Most T-Mobile/ AT&T phones work on each others network w/o any issues just get the network SIM card and do a scan for the correct network. My friend's phone finds AT&T & T-Mobile networks so she bought an AT&T SIM card and switch to AT&T GO plan from T-Mobile w/o any issues b/c T-Mobile in the Bay Area really sucks for coverage---even inside T-Mobile stores she wasn't getting consistent coverage & they blamed her phone yet she has had zero issues with it on AT&T.

                                Second look up your phone on youtube and it will show you how to unlock for free so you can travel with it outside US.

                                Otherwise you get a CDMA phone for Verizon or Sprint and again go to youtube to unlock it.

                                  • j
                                  • janith
                                  • PWD
                                  • 23 Mar 2014

                                  its possible to use any sim??
                                  how can i unlock it?/

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 4HG
                                    • 04 Mar 2014

                                    guest, 07 Oct 2013OS 4.xx will work great if you're under-coverage of verizon... moreI read it can be upgraded to ice cream.

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                                      • chichi
                                      • ftI
                                      • 12 Feb 2014

                                      how can i unlock it and use it in another carrier?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Rxf
                                        • 03 Feb 2014

                                        awlia afghan, 02 Aug 2013who can i enable my thunderbolt in pakistanYou can use vptcl sim in htc thunderbolt 4G in pakistan.