HTC Touch 3G

HTC Touch 3G

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  • rahin

is it a android

  • Raz

The clock is showing slow time and it is fixing automaticall after few hours. How to resolve this?

  • chethan

How to send the pic,images thru Blue tooth option? plz help me out...


AmitD, 07 Jul 2011need help..i bought an htc touch 3g phone about 6 months ag... moreIt needs a software reset. take it to a technitian.

  • naszeem786@hotmail.c

i want to know how to dowanload games on my phone ?

  • AmitD

need help..i bought an htc touch 3g phone about 6 months ago (i live in india mumbai). the performance has been great so far but since the last week the phone does not start at all. i have tried changing the battery, charger but no go....

any ideas?

has anyone faced a similar issue so far?

  • Hiren

Is any know the exact prise???

  • Anonymous

I have had this phone for 2 years and its never missed a beat, great performance & easy to use. ill give this to one of my kids when i upgrade to a new HTC Incredible S or Sensation soon.

  • Anonymous

In the begining i was not able to use this mobile correctly ,, i discoverd that htc has alot ,start from GPS,and all other programs that can be used daily which is very important for me, now i can not imagine that i can carry another phone, htc 3g small and smart but the camera very bad ,,

  • bilal

hi guys sorry to say that most of the problems related here by you are crapiest the reason being that either most of you guys havent even used a winm mo before or are first time smart phone users s...
cmon guys understandably the phone gives crappiest battery back up is the only problem ive noticed like u guys even i use the phone for all purposes like internet mail phone calls and all other purposes it can serve but trust me apart from the battery issue nothing ever faced somebody even mentioned that the phone going in sleep mode and not able to receive calls after that isnt that stupid enough reason to prove that the guy using this phone does not deserve this handset im not an htc employee i hate them for the batt backup stuff i love simple reason is why havent you guys upgraded you phone to win 6.5 i did it and very much satisfied NO WONDER MOST OF U GUYS ARE FIRST TIMERS ONE SIMPLE ADVICE THIS IS A WIN MOBILE NOT AN ORDINARY SYMBIAN OR A FREE ANDROID WITHOUT ANYTHING BAD ABOUT SYMBIAN OR ANDROID THOUGH I LOVE THEM TOO BUT WIN MO IS VERY GOOD TRY IT TRUST ME.

  • srinu

never go for htc.
customer support is very very bad.

  • AnonD-8113

The worst phone I have ever been stuck with, I hate this peice of rubbish, I dont need to repeat what has already been written about this awful thing just never ever buy a HTC, I'm staying away from anything that comes from the people that thought allowing this heap of s--- to be given away is acceptable

  • Gio

To change language, you need to reinstall the windows in the desired language.

  • AnonD-6796

Can I get Android on this phone ??????

  • Mohanad Mohsin

If I can use android for it ?????

  • Anonymous

Please, i got these phone how can i change the language. Windows mobile 6.1. Someone told me to install windows xp. How can i change the language.

  • arun

Saumya, 17 Mar 2011Could anyone please let me know, what is the expandable mem... moreupto 8GB..

  • Saumya

Could anyone please let me know, what is the expandable memory for This fone....??????

  • portable

i use this phone in Nigeria and it's well okay by me, i enjoy internet on it and i can open any site i want to just like am on my laptop but my touchpad has seized for the past 8months now and am still searching for where to replace it.....

  • AnonD-2600

well i m using this phone and from india well i m unable to use internet on this phone it always display a msg THERE ARE NO DATA SESSION ACTIVE , can any one tell me how to access internet , coz have spend 100bugs on net recharge i metters to me