HTC Touch 3G

HTC Touch 3G

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  • Anonymous

Now available in India for Rs. 28,450. I think the price is a little bit on the higher side.

  • max

It's time that stuff of gsm arena finally erase the false specification that this phone have secondary camera for video calls and stop making confusion between they readers

  • Panos

It hasn't secondary camera but it's very good pda

  • kuchingz-sg

sup guys, i just got this baby as a recontract phone, cost me $98 (singapore dollar) converts to about.. 40usd? cheap cheap! xmas deals + recontract FTW! :D anyways.. im still gona use my n95 8gb.. any questions? 8)

umm.. answer to the question below,
theres NO secondary cam for video calls.. :S

good thing i have my n95 8gb for all my needs ;)

  • Anonymous

THERE IS NO 2ND CAMERA FOR VIDEO CALLING!!! stop masking this question, it's been answered several times already - read the posts below and don't be so lazy!

  • Anonymous

why is there no review on this phone?

  • Anonymous

it rocks and sucks

  • nelraheb

In the specs here it says that it has a second camera (for video calling) is that a typo ?? If it does not have another camera then the 3g is useless to me and this is a deal breaker :( It seems that the the cruise is still better for me

  • greg

Is it slide one ? with keyboard as the previous HTC Touch ? regards

  • Harald

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2008Hey Harald - that's not much of a review - can you elaborate on ... moreWell, other phones that sell for just a lil more offer a bigger screen, a better camera, video calling...
But I must say that the software is very stable.
The Htc Touch 3G is more a functional phone. Someone who's after a gadget: buy an omnia, iphone, renoir...
The HTC is a very stable mobile phone that will give the bussiness man everything he requires.
I must say that i love the looks of the HTC. It's not that big at all, very stylish.

So, would i pay 400, i don't think so. Have i thought about it.. i surely did.
Maybe, maybe not... :)

  • Alp

It does has FM radio.

  • Chris

Does anyone own/use this PDA? If so, please post some personal thoughts. Thanks.

  • Greg

HTC fans, 25 Nov 2008HTC product are damn expensive, rather but a laptop plus a norma... more''HTC product are damn expensive, rather but a laptop plus a normal cellphone''

Man once you have it, you won't regret it

  • bfg

There are 3 or 4 great reviews of this pda phone available on Youtube so you should check them out. Just type "HTC Touch 3G" in the search box and you'll see some comprehensive reviews of 7 or 9 minutes. I think this pda phone is pretty good and altough it doesn't have a 5 mpx or 8 mpx camera with famous manufacturer's lens and autofocus or FM Radio it has other highlights like the 528 MHz processor or its 192 MB of RAM which are extremely useful for professional users. Because of it's fast processor navigation through the interface is very good and continuous. The GPS module is good, doing its job very well with Google Maps and also you can use 3rd party software like iGo, TomTom or Garmin. In conclusion, it's a very good device for its price without major set-backs.

  • mack

I checked this phone at store. It is very stylish but without FM Radio and Secondary Video Camera. The rest is fine.

  • Anonymous

Hey Harald - that's not much of a review - can you elaborate on why you don't think it's worth the money?

  • HTC fans

HTC product are damn expensive, rather but a laptop plus a normal cellphone

  • mabel

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2008Does it have a stylus?there is stylus

  • harald

I work in a Belcompany store in Belgium
I just tested the 3G.
Most ppl want to know wether there is a radio or not.. well, there ain't.
It's a very good looking device, but i don't think it's worth it's 400
but that's my opinion