HTC Touch 3G

HTC Touch 3G

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  • Anonymous

Don, 22 Sep 2008No flash, 5MP camera is useless!!!!5MP camera. Read again my friend!!!

  • William

Any FM radio function? Not mentioned in HTC website. Some websites say yes but some say no. Quite confusing.

  • Don

No flash, 5MP camera is useless!!!!

  • dipen

oooh i like this phone,everything is good in this phone but camera without flash is of no use,this make me frustrated on htc.price should be not more than $350.

  • Anonymous

Thank you HTC! I hope I can afford this when it comes out. A full featured touch screen with decent size LCD, yet not heavy and awkward to use as a phone, like the iphone is.

  • sam

should the price be around US 350$ ? .. wat say ...

  • Anonymous

Yes i checked HTC side. Confirm no 2nd camera. Pls correct your( gsmarena ) sepc. on the webside. tq

  • Anonymous

There is no secondary camera. I checked the HTC Touch 3G specifications on the HTC website.

  • xxx

Standard battery, Li-Ion 1100 mAh

  • Joe's Coffee & Waffl

This phone looks very stylish and has a lot of great features. Great technology.

  • Ani

HTC! pls include a small flash for ur phones. Otherwise there is no use wheather it is a 3.15 cam or 5 mp (htc hd).

  • Anonymous

i dont think it has the 2nd camera for video call

  • llabros

A 2nd Diamont...

  • Anonymous

from the pictures i cant see the secondary video camera.

  • badguy

It's too feminine for my taste !

  • Podge

just an observation - I'm happy to be wrong.

  • Younus

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2008Why is everyone trying to copy the iphoneYou are wrong Mate.....

  • podge

looking at the photos I'm concerned that HTC may have gone with Apple's non-removable battery! doesn't look like there's a seperate cover to replace the battery in the pics.

  • podge

wonder whether they will release a Touch Dual version of this phone with a sliding keypad? but would have to be without any extra bulk or weight.

  • r

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2008Why is everyone trying to copy the iphoneIphone sucks!!! Samsung and HTC made touchscreens before Apple did.