HTC Touch Diamond caught live

17 May, 2008

An in-depth presentation of the upcoming HTC Touch Diamond was held at workshop led by one of the chief designers of the high-end PocketPC - Horace Luke. We enjoyed this possibility to learn more about the recently announced from the horse's mouth.

As Horace Luke puts it, half the work on the HTC Touch Diamond was put into software development alone - the spanking new TouchFLO 3D is said to be ground-breaking among Windows Mobile devices. Mind you, the software behind the user interface has already been dismantled by eager users and ported into files, which you can install on your very own PocketPC so you don't have to wait for the Diamond to actually try it out.

The official retail package of the HTC Diamond was also showcased at the workshop - with interesting shape of an inverted pyramid and some nice relief graphics on top, it certainly manages to impress. But HTC devices have always has one of the most attractive and luxurious retail packages.

HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond
HTC Touch Diamond retail package

The nice desk stand that recently leaked online won't be included in the package and user will have to buy that separately. Currently its official price is yet unknown. HTC representatives didn't want to comment on the rumors of the expected optional accessories such as a larger battery or a leather holster.

HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond
HTC Touch Diamond retail package

You can see how good the HTC Touch Diamond looks. The back panel has a rather extraordinary shape. The front panel is covered by a hardened glass which has increased resistance to pressure and scratches. The frame of the body itself is also made of metal so that thin design of only 11.5mm won't compromise the construction strength.

The D-pad under the display is in fact touch sensitive and you can swipe your finger around it in clock-wise or anti clock-wise direction to zoom images or web pages for example.

HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond
HTC Touch Diamond

An interesting thing about the stylus is that it's magnetic - the first magnetic stylus we've heard of and it really sounds like a cool feature. But wait, there's more. When the HTC Touch Diamond is in standby and you take out the stylus, the device automatically activates ready for your commands. And also if you happen to pull out the stylus during a call, the Notepad application automatically starts to make that much it easier for you to put down a note.

HTC Touch Diamond
HTC Touch Diamond stylus

The TouchFLO 3D home screen welcomes you with really large clock that takes up to one third of the display. The music tab offers unsurpassed visuals among Windows Mobile devices. The HTC Touch Diamond has a dedicated USB flash drive mode which evades the ActiveSync functionality and allows you to upload your music via simple copy&paste just as you would on a USB drive. The Photos and Videos tab shows you the last media captured by the camera. By the way you can start the camera straight from here by selecting the corresponding icon in the top right corner.

HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Diamond

You can watch a HTC TouchFLO 3D demo here.



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  • Iffi

hi there I have this HTC touch diamond last night I had a trouble with it. I was taking picture from this phone and i accidently pressed the volume up botton (side of the phone)and a green screen with a + sign appeared and asked me to reset th...

  • Ivan loforte

good htc kepp it realy

  • Nesh Aran

HTC Raphael got keyboard so is it better than diamond? should i wait 4 Raphael? which is Better? confuse..the pic of raphael on internet not clear...any comments any1?