HTC Touch Diamond gets a beefier battery, users cheer

09 July, 2008

Now here's some news that can make the day for any Touch Diamond user. Soon the price tag of 50 euro (or 80 US dollars) can get you an original extended battery for your beloved devices - along with a spanking new replacement back cover to accommodate the added bulkiness.

The new Touch Diamond extended battery BP E270 is an original HTC product with a capacity of 1350 mAh. The new battery and back cover will surely add some thickness and weight to the device, but that would be reasonably compensated by the added uptime. Having in mind the usability issues that the good-looking diamond-shaped back panel brings along, we are a bit let down that HTC haven't made the new replacement cover flat. The extended battery pack BP E270 is a great new accessory but it sounds a bit overpriced at 50 euro (or 80 US dollars).

Before you shell out the cash on the original battery, you may also consider a third-party alternative that's not only already available, but also a bit more affordable.

The second alternative pumped up battery is by the Chinese manufacturer Cameron Sino and it would only set you back 33 euro (or 51 US dollars). It's rated at a 1800 mAh and comes with a replacement back cover too. This one's flat however, and while we still don't know whether it looks as good as it's supposed to, we welcome the opportunity for making our Diamond-back totally flat-back (those two names actually sound like two different animal species - too much Discovery Channel, we know).

HTC Touch Diamond extended battery pack HTC Touch Diamond extended battery pack
The original HTC replacement battery BP E270 and the third-party solution by Cameron Sino

Back to cell phone batteries, we are also glad to share that you can find the official Touch Diamond battery available for pre-order here, while the third-party replacement pack can be found here - both from the online store of Clove Technology UK.


Reader comments

  • seasky

htc touch diamond 2 is a masterpiece.its virtually the best phone for now,but the downside is the battery life.GO!!!!!!HTC.DO SOMETHING,If htc should work on their battery,then i guess other windows mobile will think twice

  • Zirak

My HTC Touch Diamond (P3700)s back cover is thick & Battery is 6 mm while a friend of mine has a similar device having thinner back cover and the battery is about 4 mm, Of course my battery's charge lasts longer but the thinner back cover looks m...

  • Anonymous

Cameron Sino battery is like a Bomb, will damage your phone, never use.