HTC Touch Pro

HTC Touch Pro

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  • Capets

Why not Quad band???!!!???

  • Anonymous

you`re the guy from the cartoon don`t you, the size of this phone is acceptable by any standards and with features like this, I`m pretty sure this is the smallest out there. And one thing the bricks are large and light, this is not. Compare it with the N93 for example(no offense, I like the phone).

  • avatar

INSANE phone.... this will beat the XPERIA X1
will see

  • koko

this is one great phone. This design is awesome.Bravo

  • billy

I hear they are going to call it:
The HTC Brick

  • Anonymous

and its still not quad band!!

  • brynn

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2008Well done again!!! i m oldtimer of HTC!!I use HTC Hermes'T... moreyes htc are going to have to improve their customer relations considerably and make sure the devices graphics chips etc are fully activated..Does this make the diamond defunct as they have brought out the version people wanted so who will bother with diamond now?????

  • Anonymous

Well done again!!!
i m oldtimer of HTC!!I use HTC Hermes'TYTN',I put touchFlo on it evry thing is ok!!!Mean Iphone Lock screem working whit my flo, But I thing so I m going to buy this one!! i like it!! The only problem come from Htc factory they are to leasy to give you a good support and information about there product!!All HTC and features are expensive but the support are chips

  • Anonymous

its a nice phone now it is the best XPERIA X1's Competitor and personly i like htc soi hope it will b better then XPERIA X1.and the intresting is 3G Iphone , XPERIA and HTC touch Pro will b out almost at the same time.. soo lets c

  • Anonymous

i can only dream of this gadget.

  • bb

Hey guys, can anyone tell me if I can use the American version 850/1800/1900 in Europe, more precisely South-Eastern Europe? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

This is just like an N95 in features... But you can touch the screen to press what u want, and runs on the completely UN-user friendly worst user interface on the market windows... iPhone at least innovates this is why it has a purpose as a touch screen. More rubbish from brands who are completely behind in innovation so they sell gimmicks. Load of crap

  • Arun


  • first

diamond + card slot + battery

  • Anonymous

Sorry folk my error, looking on camera has a flash which is a difference to the touch diamond and enhances both function and desirability.

  • Anonymous

This is not the same as the Experia, as the latter does not have touch-flo. Again here there is no flash on the camera which is an omission but can probably be managed by the software. While I am a Samsung fan, their chronic apathy in bring out the i900, which looks a bit too metallic compared to the bang up to date style of the HTC, which is looking a very complete device is now seriously tempting.

  • squall_kay

x1 competitor...

  • Digesh

So heres the answer from HTC, to those who were criticizing abt diamond, that it has no longer battery life, and no card slot n all..

Now its a complete phone !! !! isnt it ??
Man, i love HTC..

  • d33

The fight against the SE Xperia1 begins... :-)

The features are completely the same....

  • Anonymous

165 g, very heavy phone...